Diversity, equity and inclusion at Ozmo

At Ozmo, we take pride in striving towards a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment. We believe that ensuring our workplace is accessible and welcoming for every Ozmonaut is a top priority.


What diversity, equity and inclusion mean to us

At Ozmo, we know that everyone works and learns differently. Our mission is to answer every tech support question without human intervention, all while advocating for more accessible technology and tech support for all. Beyond promoting and advocating for equality in our industry and within the workplace, our team believes that it is vital to ensure a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace where every Ozmonaut has the tools, resources and opportunities to excel in their careers.

Building a diverse team

Improving our recruitment process

Our team recently completed a major refresh of our recruitment efforts by ensuring a diverse group of hiring interviewers are present throughout the hiring process. Ozmo’s interview process also involves mandatory unconscious bias training and standardized scorecards for a fair and equitable hiring process.

Inclusive job advertising

To ensure our talent acquisition pipeline accurately represents the world around us, Ozmo actively promotes our open positions to job sites, select Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and professional development networks that target historically marginalized communities. Learn more about how we hire at Ozmo.

Measuring what matters

Ozmo actively measures the number of candidates from underrepresented communities throughout each stage of the interview process in an effort to enhance our recruiting tactics and guarantee an inclusive and diverse candidate pool.

Investing in women in tech

Ozmo Women's Network (OWN)

Ozmo has created OWN (Ozmo Women’s Network) to foster mentorship, career development and networking amongst Ozmo team members. Monthly presentations through OWN include topics to help improve skills and thrive in your career. Our women’s mentorship program taps into the existing experience of senior or high-performing employees and transfer these skills to newer or less experienced employees in an effort to advance their careers.

Local engagement

Several members of Ozmo are involved in Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council’s (RBTC) Women in Technology (WoTech) network based in Southwestern Virginia. The goal of WoTech is to create a village of women in the area to have a space to connect, grow and support each other in their careers. WoTech holds virtual and in-person events that include guest speakers, networking opportunities and career development workshops. 

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Equality Means Business Pledge

We’ve signed the Equality Means Business pledge, which is a promise to our community that Ozmo is a safe and welcoming place for LGBTQIA+ individuals.

Learn about Equality Means Business

Continuous education and training

Every hiring team at Ozmo completes unconscious bias training prior to conducting applicant interviews. Additionally, all employees complete annual company-wide human resources training to ensure we have a welcoming environment for everyone.


Grassroots clubs and spaces

At Ozmo, we believe in making space for and uplifting the voices of underrepresented groups not only within our communities, but also in the workplace. Our company-wide groups include a dedicated non-binary space, diversity group and more.


Pay equity

In 2022, Ozmo conducted an across the board review of all positions to ensure proper compensation for every role, including years of experience, seniority levels and more.

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Every week, Ozmonauts have the chance to present their own unique perspectives on a topic that they are passionate about, in what we like to call an ‘Ozmosis’. This is a great opportunity to learn something new and interact with peers.


Floating holidays

Ozmo offers paid floating holidays that allow every Ozmonaut the ability to celebrate their federal, religious or cultural holiday of choice.

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