Ozmo for internet service providers

Enable customers to confidently configure and maximize the potential of their home internet service

With increasing access to faster and cheaper broadband, more households are connected to the internet than ever before. As your customers turn to you for all of their home internet support needs, Ozmo is here to assist them – and your business – while decreasing the need for costly, in-home support.

Ozmo offers easy-to-use support for customers of all types across the core devices, apps and ecosystems that are critical to the setup, maintenance and optimization of fast, powerful and secure home networks. Our platform is designed to empower your customers and the agents who support them. 

Provide customers with self-serve support for their do-it-yourself (DIY) home internet activation and seamlessly migrate them to your network. Arm your agents who are there when customers need assistance with robust virtual devices and apps to solve the most complex setup and configuration questions. And do it all at scale with a robust, digital solution that reduces the need for truck rolls, eliminates physical devices in contact centers and empowers your customers and agents to be successful no matter where they are located.

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Home internet support made easy

Enable real-time visual assistance with your home internet subscribers for their routers, modems and more while enabling troubleshooting capabilities for your customer support agents.

Key benefits for home internet providers

Onboard customers to your network

Seamlessly onboard customers to your network

Reduce costly truck rolls for in-home setup of customers’ networks with Ozmo. The initial activation process is a pivotal moment in your customers’ journeys. By providing comprehensive self-serve tools to your customers for DIY network installation and configuration, your organization can cut costs without sacrificing customer satisfaction during the critical initial setup process. If customers do need to contact support, your agents will be armed with robust, dynamic virtual devices and apps to guide them with confidence.

Promote digital adoption of self serve

Promote digital adoption to reduce costs

Deliver customer value faster and reduce costs by driving customers to low-cost, self-serve channels. Whether it’s initial setup, ongoing maintenance or optimization of their home internet or value-added services, Ozmo provides omnichannel support for all of your digital channels. Ozmo’s comprehensive support of the applications and devices that are central to your internet and service offerings means that the vast majority of customer questions can be resolved through low-cost digital channels.

Drive subscriptions to your services

Drive subscriptions to your service offerings

A fast, reliable and secure home network is foundational to a fully connected home. With Ozmo, your customers can maximize the value of their home internet and the value-added services that your organization provides like home automation, entertainment and security. This is made possible through easy-to-follow, self-serve answers and robust assisted support tools. After providing a seamless internet activation experience, your organization can be ready to provide the same level of premium support for your over-the-top service offerings.

Home internet support for your customers


Step one

Activation, setup and ongoing support of the modem

The first foundational step for internet service providers is to offer a seamless activation experience of the modem for your customers. This is a pivotal moment in the customer journey as your customers navigate through activating their in-home connection for the first time.


Step two

Initial setup and support of the router and its associated app

Once a connection is established, your business should immediately be ready to guide customers through the initial setup of the router to establish their wifi network. This includes not only the hardware, but the critical management app where much of the setup process occurs.


Step three

Setup and support of connected devices and value-added services

With a fast and secure network established, your customers are ready to get the most out of their internet. At this point in the journey, your organization must be prepared to provide the same level of support for services like streaming entertainment, the connected home and security.

Solutions for internet service providers

Learn more about how Ozmo assists broadband providers. Whether your business is interested in assisted support to empower agents, self support to decrease costs without sacrificing NPS or service adoption to drive revenue of your value-added services, our omnichannel platform is equipped to handle it all.