Service adoption

Build and maintain your customer base through seamless onboarding

Onboarding is a critical part of the customer journey where a positive experience can make or break customer loyalty. With Ozmo’s service adoption, your business will have the tools to increase customer retention while continuing to meet customers’ ever-evolving expectations. Create lasting impressions through our guided interactive tutorials and multi-channel support while simultaneously growing brand loyalty. Drive successful onboarding experiences that ensure customers are educated on how to get the most out of their technology on day one. Whether you’re onboarding customers to new products, services, devices, or apps our goal is to increase product and feature adoption and reduce churn.

Key benefits

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Digital transformation

Expand your digital support initiatives by serving up guided onboarding through digital channels, including live remote video support, while reducing in-person assistance and call center wait times.

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Onboarding made easy

Ozmo delivers multi-channel support making it easy for your customers to quickly onboard to new products and services. Reduce time to value for your customers by meeting customers in their journey with the education and guidance they need to be successful.

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Feature and product adoption

Reduce barriers to entry for your customers to adopt new technology. By driving awareness of useful features and capabilities, you can help customers understand how tech can benefit their lives. Enable customers to get the most value out of your products and services and capture them as lifelong, loyal customers.

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Frictionless support where your customers need it

By meeting customers in their journey within your product or app, you can address their needs proactively. Ozmo’s omnichannel platform serves up answers for your customers when and where they need them.

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Decreased churn

Decrease costly returns and cancellations by proactively supporting customers. Meet them in their support moments with helpful guides, common topics, getting started tutorials and more that guide your customers to value faster to prevent the frustration with new technology that ultimately leads to churn.


Broad answer coverage

From smartphones to routers and more, Ozmo offers an extensive support library with thousands of tutorial topics across hundreds of devices and apps. Your customers are guaranteed to find the answers they need to succeed in their onboarding.

See Ozmo’s service adoption solutions in action

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