What are floating holidays and why they matter in the workplace

At Ozmo, diversity takes center stage. Our team at Ozmo works diligently to create a welcoming environment for employees to feel valued and comfortable expressing their individuality. We believe that by spearheading diversity and inclusion, we can tap into our greatest strengths. As a part of our diversity efforts, we have launched the paid floating holiday program. Floating holidays allow our Ozmonauts to “do life together” by sharing their unique holiday celebrations within our organization.

When we support each Ozmonaut’s uniqueness, we encourage them to bring their best to the team through freedom of expression. Our floating holiday program is just one example of the way Ozmo supports these efforts. Floating holidays ensure that companies today recognize that each employee has the right to express their beliefs in countless unique ways. 

The floating holiday program empowers the choice of holiday celebrations. Employees can use paid time off in the floating holiday program to celebrate with their friends and families throughout the year. Each individual will make a choice for what holidays to take off from work to celebrate. Freedom to choose holiday time supports every Ozmonauts individuality and becomes a safe space for inclusion for every member of the team.

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What are paid floating holidays? 

Paid floating holidays are paid days off for an employee to celebrate the holidays of their choice. Celebrations can be very unique and individualized. We believe this program allows our employees freedom of choice for paid holidays. Each employee has the option to choose paid holiday days off during the year that have meaning to them. Employees will create their list of paid holiday time for each year. 

Floating holidays are cultural, federal or religious days that individuals can take off from work as paid time off. As an Ozmonaut, you can choose which cultural, federal or religious are meaningful to you and you can take that day off as paid time off. Each new hire at Ozmo receives six floating holidays per calendar year. 

To elevate this program even more and to make sure every Ozmonaut feels appreciated, we include the option for employees to choose their birthday as an additional paid floating holiday. At Ozmo, we aim to ensure that our work environment is a place for people of all backgrounds, ages and beliefs to thrive.

Why offer floating holidays?

Ozmo understands that taking time off to honor and recognize your history, culture or religion is important to all Ozmonauts. That’s why at the beginning of 2022, Ozmo launched its floating holiday program. Ozmo wants all employees to feel that they can recognize and honor their respective cultures openly and our leadership team fosters this by offering floating holidays as a way to encourage all Ozmonauts to do so. 

What are examples of floating holidays?

There are countless holidays that businesses can, and should, accept into their benefits programs. Here are just a few of the holidays that are recognized within Ozmo's floating holiday program:

Banner image with 21 individual boxes with holidays listed on each. From top left to right, the boxes read: Juneteenth, Yule, Women's Equality Day, Rosh Hashana, Labor Day, Earth Day, Ganesh Chaturthi, Chinese New Year, Eid-Al-Fitr, Good Friday, Veterans Day, Kwanzaa, Yom Kippur, Pride, Passover, Indigenous Peoples Day, Valentine's Day, Hannukah, Ash Wednesday, Halloween, Mardi Gras.

Should companies offer floating holidays today? 

Absolutely. At Ozmo, we are currently halfway through our first year of floating holidays and the positive feedback from our employees is resounding; therefore, our team will continue to uphold the floating holiday program. Employees appreciate openness to diverse backgrounds where they can celebrate their own culture and a floating holiday program helps instill just that.

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