Ozmo for connected home providers

Enhance the smart home experience for your customers with trusted support

Interconnectivity throughout the home is more advanced now than ever before. From smart speakers and thermostats to home security systems, support for these devices is required at every stage of the customer lifecycle. At Ozmo, we are committed to providing your agents and customers with the necessary tools to transform the connected home experience.

With dedicated connected home support, your business can increase customer satisfaction and call deflection with the power of self-serve tools and unmatched agent assistance. Drive digital adoption among your customers by providing the most up-to-date answers and solutions directly to them at any time through any channel.

NEW: Discover remote video support

Access in-home devices remotely

Enable real-time visual assistance with your connected home customers for their smart hubs, streaming devices, speakers and more while enabling troubleshooting capabilities for your customer support agents.

Key benefits for connected home providers

Provide up-to-date, accurate answers

Home automation is constantly advancing. Stay ahead of the hardware and software updates with up-to-date and reliable technology support. Equip your customers and agents with the answers that solve their tech questions, regardless of how complex, in an instant. Customers and agents will no longer have to feel frustrated or confused with their support after turning to search engines or online forums for unreliable or out of date answers. Agents can easily navigate individuals through their support interactions with the Ozmo for Agents platform and utilize key features to send accurate answers instantly to customers. Not to mention, Ozmo’s agent assistance and self-serve tools are updated continuously to stay ahead of software and hardware updates.


Drive digital adoption

Connected home setup and configuration can be complicated for some customers. Without proper support, your business risks an increase in product returns, customer churn and decreased satisfaction. Empower your customers with the tools to answer any support question confidently and independently. By implementing effective self-serve support tools, you can help your customer maximize the value of fostering a truly automated home. From onboarding new users to providing support to existing customers, your agents and your bottom line will thank you.

Increase call deflection

The amount of calls entering a contact center can be an extremely costly issue for many connected home providers. These devices, apps and ecosystems are complex and can leave customers with many questions. By offering effective self-serve solutions to your customers, your business will see a significant increase in call deflection. This allows your team to preserve valuable resources needed to solve more complex connected home support issues.

Ozmo connected home support includes:


Smart displays and hubs

home security

Home security


Streaming devices


Smart bulbs and outlets


Smart speakers


Companion mobile apps

Solutions for connected home support

Learn more about how Ozmo assists connected home providers. Whether your business is interested in assisted support, self support or service adoption, our omnichannel platform is equipped to handle it all.