Ozmo for business voice providers

Enable your customers to get the most out of your business voice solutions with dedicated support

Unified communications (UC) serves an integral role in most companies by keeping businesses and their customers connected. Over 30% of all businesses utilize Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services to support their teams and customers. At Ozmo, our team of experts are dedicated to ensuring your organization can get the most of their business communication solutions by providing all-in-one support that’s targeted to your company’s goals. With Ozmo’s omnichannel support platform, your agents have access to a variety of robust solutions to set your business customers up for success. These include virtual VoIP devices and both the administrative and unified communications apps that are core to your business services. With the help of accurate self-serve support solutions, your business can help drive digital adoption among your customers, resulting in significant annual cost savings and improvement to your customer satisfaction rate.

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For UC, VoIP and more

Enable real-time visual assistance with your unified communication or VoIP customers while enabling troubleshooting capabilities for your customer support agents.

Key benefits for unified communication providers

Drive digital adoption

Drive digital adoption among your business customers with the help of thorough onboarding support and accurate self-serve solutions. Customers will have full access to device and app support including desktop VoIP phones along with critical account app access to answer any support question, regardless of how complex, independently and effectively.

Boost customer satisfaction

Customers who get the most out of their provider’s support without having to call into the contact center or hunt down answers on search engines are more likely to have increased satisfaction and confidence in your business. By providing a comprehensive self-serve portal to your customers and working with them in their preferred channels for their UC support, your business is more likely to retain a loyal customer base.

Cut costs with scalable support

When your customers are happy, so is your bottom line. Companies like Verizon save millions of dollars annually with an omnichannel support platform — and so can you. The upkeep on physical devices within the contact center is not only time-consuming, but it’s also expensive. By switching to a support platform that offers personalized solutions to your customers and agents, you’ll never have to worry about spending too much money on maintaining physical devices in the contact center again. With access to Ozmo’s virtual device library, remote agents can support customers at any time, from any work environment without having to rely on physical devices.

Solutions for business voice

Learn more about how Ozmo assists business voice providers. Whether your business is interested in assisted support, self support or service adoption, our omnichannel platform is equipped to handle it all.