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At Ozmo, our mission is to answer every tech support question without human intervention. Since creating the world’s first virtual device years ago, Ozmo has established itself as the leading provider of tech support answers, helping customer service agents and customers troubleshoot issues with ease and confidence. Ozmo supports the launch of hundreds of device, app, and software updates each year, assisting more than 20 million support interactions annually. At our core, we believe in helping make technology more accessible to all people.

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Ozmo’s founding 

Ozmo was officially founded in 2016 by David Catalano and Aaron Herrington, but at its core technology had been established years earlier. Before there was Ozmo, David and Aaron, both entrepreneurs at heart, founded a successful digital agency called Modea in 2006. During their time here working with telecom providers, they noticed a gap in support tools for agents. With over 15 years of experience working together, David and Aaron took their learnings from this period to focus solely on building a product that serves providers that struggle with solving tech support. Thus Ozmo was born.

Where we work

Ozmo is headquartered in beautiful Blacksburg, Virginia. As two Virginia Tech graduates, David and Aaron share a deep love for the Blue Ridge Mountains and the quality of life the area offers. This, combined with access to some of the nation’s top talent, meant that this vibrant college town was a natural fit for establishing Ozmo’s headquarters. Today, we have employees spread across the country as far as Austin, TX and the San Francisco Bay Area as we continue to grow, but the heart of our company will always be in Blacksburg. Our team members – who we fondly refer to as Ozmonauts – are made up of some of the brightest minds in software, technology, and business. 

Our origin

Ozmo got its start making support content. We then built tools to make it better, faster and more effective. We’ve gone from providing 100 pieces of content per device to answering thousands of permutations of search queries with that same content. Ozmo is already solving support at scale for companies like Telus, Google and Verizon across their entire ecosystem of support. 

Looking ahead

While our origin has supported the best mobile operators, Ozmo is expanding its platform far beyond where it began. In this age of connected homes and 5G, we must be prepared to answer millions of questions. Looking ahead, Ozmo is focused on delivering more answers to more people across more channels to make technology accessible to all people.

Our executive team

David Catalano

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

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Aaron Herrington

Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer

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Brian Cross

Vice President of Product

About Brian

Chris Poulton

Director of Customer Success

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Christina Herrington

Director of Marketing

About Christina

Shane Boyer

Vice President of Engineering

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Stacey Painter

Director of Finance

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Troy Cross

Director of New Business, North America

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Wendi Pannell

Vice President of Digital Content Production

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The Ozmo logo and name

Ozmonauts are frequently asked, “Where does the name Ozmo come from?” The name “Ozmo” is derived from “cosmos”, meaning the universe or system of thought and “osmosis”, the gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas and knowledge. Our logo is based on two simple shapes: a circle and an arrow. The shapes serve as simple building blocks for teaching and deconstruction. The circle can be used to highlight attention and the arrow can be used to point the way. Our icon is the condensed version of our logo and represents “an embrace” – the support that we offer agents and consumers in their time of need. The idea is that we can take any problem, no matter how complex, and solve it – fast and simple.

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