Entry-level and part-time opportunities at Ozmo

Looking to advance your career in an energizing industry? Ozmo’s entry-level and part-time careers are available to help you kickstart your profession and gain the hands-on experience that you’re looking for.

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Who we hire

Whether you’re a full-time student, seeking-flexible part-time hours or looking to make a career change, Ozmo hires goal-oriented and curious individuals who are ready to make a difference in the world of tech support. As a part-time or entry-level Ozmonaut, you’ll have the chance to build your career while learning from the industry’s best and brightest. Explore out our available positions here

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Our entry-level and part-time benefits


Experience comprehensive onboarding

Ozmo offers full-scale onboarding and training for our part-time and entry-level employees. New Ozmonauts have access to all of the tools, resources and guidance to succeed as soon as they start.

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Advance your career

Our team at Ozmo is eager to help you dive head first into your career development. Every Ozmonaut has the opportunity to create and fulfill a career development plan with their manager. And every role at Ozmo has defined expectations around what it takes to progress to the next level.


Learn and develop your skills in the tech industry

Gain technical and professional skills through guided learning paths within the fast-paced and exciting world of technology. As an Ozmonaut, you’ll have the chance to support some of the industry's biggest players.


Flexible, remote work

At Ozmo, we know that life exists beyond the standard 9-5. Our company offers flexible scheduling around your classes, family and day-to-day schedule with the majority of our positions being fully remote.


Real world experience and mentorships

Ozmo offers internships and supports capstone programs for students ranging from high school to graduate-level and beyond. We also encourage Ozmonauts to get involved in our internal mentorship programs to support their growth and development.


Have fun while doing it all

As an Ozmonaut, you’ll get the chance to work hard and play hard. Get to know your fellow teammates, join a new club or enjoy a wide range of company events, including weekly trivia, Ozmosis presentations and more.

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