Remote video in Ozmo for Agents: The latest customer support innovation

Ozmo is thrilled to announce our newest assisted support feature: remote video in Ozmo for Agents. Remote video is an exciting enhancement to our suite of assisted support technologies that empower support teams to efficiently solve customer service issues.

Why remote video support is a critical tool for contact center agents

In assisted support situations, there are often communication barriers between customers and contact center agents. Whether it may be a connection issue or a general misunderstanding of the problem at hand, it can be extremely challenging for an agent to guide customers through their support interactions.

Since most customer support interactions occur over the phone, chat or email, an agent’s ability to acquire the needed context and diagnostic information from a customer can be an uphill battle. When an agent cannot visually assess a customer’s situation, they must solely rely on the customer’s ability to effectively convey all of the information required to correctly identify the problem. This experience is frustrating for both parties, and can even lead to increased customer churn for the business. 

This challenge can become compounded when, for example, after a lengthy assisted support session fails to resolve the issue, a technician must be dispatched to the customer’s residence to resolve the problem on-site. With average truck rolls costing businesses over $1,000 per deployment, this becomes the most expensive form of support resolution.

With live video support, your team no longer needs to rely on verbal communication alone or costly truck rolls to solve each support issue.

What is remote video in Ozmo for Agents?

Remote video in Ozmo for Agents is a two-way video experience directly within Ozmo’s leading assisted support platform. Remote video extends the power of Ozmo’s support tools by allowing the agent the ability to see the full device or app issue, right at their fingertips. Paired with our comprehensive virtual device and app answers library, remote video in Ozmo for Agents serves as a robust system for resolving consumer issues without the need for an on-site technician.

How Ozmo’s remote video support works

From anywhere in the Ozmo for Agents experience, an agent can initiate a remote video call to a customer through a browser-based connection. Once the customer joins the call, the agent can see everything visible through the device’s camera. In an effort to keep privacy at the forefront, customers have the ability to show or hide their camera feed at anytime throughout the call.  

Once the agent and customer are connected, the agent can access tools such as live markup to assist in communicating issues directly to the customer. The agent can also launch image-to-text translations of device labels, serial numbers and more to easily aid in any additional diagnostic actions. 

Remote video support puts all of the power of Ozmo’s answers library directly in the hands of customer support agents. Agents can navigate through multiple virtual devices or apps without fear of disrupting the connection. In addition, agents can send supporting material directly to the customer from the Ozmo for Agents platform all while maintaining on the line.

The future of tech support with Ozmo

As a leader in omnichannel customer service, Ozmo now offers live, remote video support as an add-on to Ozmo for Agents. If you’re ready to incorporate remote video support into your customer service strategy, meet with our team of experts today to explore the full platform. 

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