Why live video support is the future of customer service

The future of customer service is here. Nine out of 10 customers rate live video support as a positive service experience. The data doesn’t lie: video-based customer service is a powerful tool to help your broadband or telecom business stand out from the competition. 

Below, we go over how you can leverage live video support to increase customer retention and provide a better customer experience. 

Five ways live video support improves customer service

Video-based tech support is a win-win for customers and your business. From better communication to improved agent performance, here are a few advantages of using live video support in your customer service strategy. 

Improved communication

One of the most significant ways video support improves customer service is by improving communication between customers and contact center agents. 

Traditionally, customers have had to reach out to agents over the phone or via live chat for assistance. They’ve had to describe the tech issue they’re having, and since many customers don’t have a technical background, they may not know how to best explain the problem. 

This can lead to miscommunication since the agent relies on the customer’s words to diagnose and troubleshoot tech issues. Consequently, it can lead to customers repeating themselves multiple times or being routed to numerous agents, making customers increasingly frustrated.

With live video support, that issue goes away because agents can see exactly what the customer sees. For example, imagine a customer can’t connect to their wifi. Instead of struggling to describe how their router is connected, your agents can see it for themselves. This makes it easier for agents to diagnose the exact problem a customer is having.

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Faster service resolution

Live video support streamlines communication between agents and customers, which leads to faster resolution times. Because agents can see what the customer sees, they can immediately diagnose and troubleshoot issues with a product or service. 

It also helps agents better guide customers through the troubleshooting process. Before, agents would have to describe to customers what steps they should take, such as which part of the screen to navigate to and what to press. But this can be inefficient. 65% of the people are visual learners. This means showing them what to click is much more effective than describing it.

With remote video support, agents can better guide customers through troubleshooting. For example, they can draw right on the screen or even extract text on a device to help provide the customer with the guidance they need to resolve the issue. 

With live video support, your company can increase first-call resolution and help customers get back to using their devices more quickly. You can also enjoy additional benefits like an improved net promoter score (NPS).

Save time and money

Live video support can provide your business with significant cost savings. For example, video-based customer support can reduce the need for truck rolls. Truck rolls refer to any time your company has to deploy a team to a customer’s house or place of business. And with an average cost of $1,011 per truck troll, the expenses add up fast. 

Live video support can help your business cut unnecessary costs by stopping truck rolls in their tracks. With remote assessments and problem-solving capabilities, you don’t have to send a team out to assist customers on-site. As a result, your company can save money since it doesn’t have to pay for travel expenses or the hours it would take for a team to troubleshoot at the customer’s location.

Video support can also help your business save time. You can allocate the necessary resources elsewhere since team members don’t have to travel to a customer’s business or home. Instant video support also helps contact center agents troubleshoot more quickly, allowing them to help more customers in less time. 

Create a more personalized tech support experience

Live video support helps your contact center agents tailor their guidance to the individual customer, which is crucial to staying competitive in increasingly crowded broadband and telecom markets.

Research shows that companies’ lack of personalized experiences frustrates over three-fourths of customers. Personalizing customer service is critical to reducing customer churn and building brand loyalty. 

Instead of relying on a library of physical devices, which quickly become outdated, contact center agents can use live video to see the customer’s exact device, home setup, and screen. This allows them to customize the diagnosis and resolution to the individual. 

As a result of offering a more personalized experience, companies reap the rewards of increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. According to McKinsey, 78% of customers make repeat purchases with companies that personalize customer interactions.

In addition to increased profits, companies also build loyalty by humanizing their brand. When your contact center agents interact with customers over video, it shows they’re working with a team of real people instead of a chatbot or machine. This is crucial since, according to the National Customer Rage survey, the number one frustration for customers is the inability to speak with a human. 

Empower remote or hybrid contact center agents

More contact centers are turning to remote or hybrid customer service strategies. 74% of companies say they have implemented or are planning to use a hybrid work model in the future. So, how can you help agents do their jobs effectively while working from home?

As a first step, you need to ensure you set remote or hybrid agents up for success with the right tools. Live video support can empower agents to troubleshoot tech issues from home effectively. Agents can see customers' devices and emotional states in real-time, which helps them both diagnose problems more quickly and empathize better with customers. 

Live video support can also be a powerful tool for enhancing agent performance. As agents are able to work more efficiently, they can handle a greater number of cases. In turn, this can lead to an increase in agent confidence and NPS. 

Use live video support to transform the customer support experience

Live video support has the power to transform customer service in ways that phone calls just can’t. The numerous advantages offered by this technology help companies increase customer loyalty and improve other key metrics. Businesses that seize the opportunities provided by live video support will be able to deliver a level of customer service that stands out from the competition. 

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