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Empower your agents, improve first call resolution rate and boost NPS with Ozmo for Agents, the leading contact center solution for assisted support.

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    Key benefits of Ozmo's contact center solutions

    Empower your agents with Ozmo's powerful and dynamic contact center solutions. Agents will love the freeform virtual devices and apps that allow them to troubleshoot the most complex issues along with the contextual answers that can be sent directly to customers. Your customers will love the personalized and efficient support they receive from confident and well-equipped agents. Ozmo won't hold your agents back by forcing them into pre-scripted workflows that fall apart with one wrong turn, and it won't let them down with out-of-date answers from two software versions ago. Give your agents the contact center support tools they need to be successful from anywhere.


    Scalable, virtual support

    Ozmo for Agents eliminates the need to work from physical contact centers or handle physical devices. With Ozmo, your agents have access to a complete virtual device and app library at their fingertips. Ozmo sets your agents up for success no matter where they’re located.


    Reliable, trusted answers

    With Ozmo, your business (and your agents) can trust that the answers to your customers' questions will always be accurate, up-to-date and consistent across all support channels. No disparate channels or siloed support content here.


    Improved agent metrics

    With Ozmo, agents receive higher NPS ratings, get up-to-speed significantly faster and improve their first-call resolution rates. Ozmo sets your agents up for success by putting dynamic, freeform virtual devices and apps at their fingertips.

    Real results for businesses like yours:

    • Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Twigby was looking to enhance its agent onboarding while still providing top-of-the-line support to its customers. Learn how Ozmo helps Twigby advance its tech support operations while boosting customer loyalty.

      Download the Twigby case study
    • Wisconsin-based wireless provider Cellcom wanted to deliver Ozmo’s omnichannel support solution to its agent workforce through newly created troubleshooting workflows. Learn more about how Ozmo helps Cellcom provide reliable and consistent support to its agent workforce.

      Download the Cellcom case study
    • One of North America’s top regional mobile network operators (MNO) partners with Ozmo to provide state-of-the-art omnichannel support to its customers and agents across the country.

      Download the regional MNO case study
    • A tier one North American mobile network operator’s (MNO) multi-line business phone system partners with Ozmo to assist its support service agents and end users with its VoIP support solutions.

      Download the VoIP case study
    • MyAccount app support case study

      Ozmo provides a tier one operator with support for its customers across a variety of critical touch points all managed within the My Account app.

      Download the My Account case study
    • Insurance case study

      A global tech insurance and premium support provider uses the Ozmo support platform to empower its agents around the world with the tools needed to resolve customer inquiries and provide a white-glove support experience.

      Download the insurance case study
    • Verizon saves tens of millions of dollars each year with Ozmo. The Ozmo platform has become mission-critical to success for the nation’s largest mobile operator.

      Download the Verizon case study
    • Ozmo’s platform provided immediate value to this global OEM as it transitioned to a new model of support. Using Ozmo to ramp up its remote workforce, this device manufacturer seamlessly transitioned to supporting customers with scalable, dynamic tools.

      Download the OEM case study
    • TELUS customer support is powered by the Ozmo platform. The Canadian mobile operator prioritizes a best-in-class customer experience for its millions of subscribers – and relies on Ozmo to deliver.

      Download the TELUS case study

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