2021 Year in Review

Ozmo’s look back at all things 2021

2021 was a time of incredible transition, growth and flexibility. We adjusted to a new normal but stayed committed to what we know best: delivering excellent tech support to our customers. View some highlights from Ozmo over this past year. We couldn’t have done it without you!

A message from David

David Catalano

Co-founder and CEO of Ozmo

What a year it has been! As we look back on 2021 and remember our highlights, we recall the fact that we not only welcomed employees back to our headquarters in Blacksburg, Virginia, but we made key hires in an additional location of Austin, Texas. We are especially proud of the fact that even as we grew, we didn’t lose our focus on our people and building a culture of excellence. Over the past year, Ozmo has established a cadence of continued customer value delivery in both the creation of new features and enhancements, as well as the continuous improvement in the quality of our answers. This was aided by more clearly defined goals and continuous monitoring of the metrics that matter the most. This year has been a year of incredible growth for our business and our team, and we are eager and excited as we look forward to 2022 and beyond as we get closer and closer to achieving our mission to answer every tech support question without human intervention.

Highlights from this year

digital adoption

Employee growth

We onboarded 40+ new Ozmonauts across our development, engineering, product, marketing and sales teams. On top of that, our employee base adjusted to a hybrid work model.

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Welcoming new customers

Ozmo brought in new companies into our client family, including a leading device manufacturer who was looking to equip its entire agent platform with an assisted support solution.

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Product enhancements

We created more seamless means for users to find the right support content on different platforms, enabling more up-to-date and accurate answers to surface whenever a person needs them.

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Industry highlights

Our team closely monitored telecom industry highlights, including the release of iOS 15 and the types of customer support inquiries that could result because of the new features and functionality.

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Events and partnerships

This year we attended events such as Mobile World Congress Los Angeles and partnered with Broadband Communities to highlight how technology providers can build comprehensive customer support amidst a global focus on expanding broadband.

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Fostering existing relationships

Our team has been honored to work with our dedicated partners to help provide the most exceptional tech support to agents and millions of end-users worldwide. Thank you to every one of our current customers for making 2021 such a great year!

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Enhance your support for the new year with a robust remote strategy

The ultimate 2022 support strategy

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In a remote support environment, having an omnichannel support platform to guide all users — including support agents — is critical to providing consistent, exceptional service while keeping up with the pace of change as new devices and apps are introduced or software versions are released. 

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In 2021 we made time for:


Games & fun


Team bonding




Going back to the office




Recognizing success

Awarding our outstanding Ozmonauts

Our 2021 Galactic Gratitude recipients

The people that make Ozmo, Ozmo

Each quarter we make it a priority to recognize the hard work of our dedicated Ozmonauts who best represent our brand traits: bold, clever, dynamic, friendly, selfless and trustworthy. Congratulations to this year’s Galactic Gratitude recipients: Scott Ernst, Jordan Seiler, Dan Fithian, Kara Sutphin, Jolene Esposito, Jesse Hagewood, Hannah Cooley and Kristina Bridges. Check us out on social media to see our Ozmonaut of the Year recipient!

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