Rogers features Ozmo’s interactive tutorials in new commercial 

As a leading telecommunications provider of wireless, broadband services and more, Rogers understands the importance of ensuring its customers have the tools and knowledge they need to make the most of their devices, apps and services. That's why Rogers has partnered with Ozmo, a pioneer in tech support, to showcase the importance of empowering customers with comprehensive support tools. 

Upgrade your device experience with Device Guides from Rogers

Rogers’ new Device Guides highlight the importance of meeting customers where they are while simplifying the customer experience without sacrificing the quality of support. Through engaging animations and step-by-step instructions, customers witness firsthand how easy it is to navigate complex technology. Not to mention, customers can access these resources  anytime, anywhere, making it convenient for their busy lifestyles.

Rogers’ Device Guides fueled by Ozmo answers

Ozmo Self Serve offers a variety of support resources designed to guide customers through effective setup, troubleshooting and full lifecycle assistance of any device or app. From smartphones and tablets to streaming services, consumer home internet or smart home devices, Ozmo's interactive tutorials cover a wide range of topics, making them an invaluable resource for millions of customers around the world. With Rogers’ Device Guides, customers can trust that Ozmo's up-to-date, dynamic self-serve answers are available to guide them every step of the way for even the most complicated issues.

Every Ozmo tutorial is tailored to a specific device or application, ensuring that customers receive relevant and targeted answers. This personalized approach enhances the learning experience and reduces frustration, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction. Whether a customer is a new smartphone owner or looking to optimize their home Wi-Fi network, Ozmo's self-serve support content provides the knowledge and confidence needed to succeed.

Empowering customers together: Leading the way in digital education and support

With Device Guides powered by Ozmo, Rogers is committed to the fact that providing top-of-the-line tech support is critical to the overall customer experience. This collaboration is a testament to the value of education and empowerment in the digital age and furthers Rogers' mission to provide exceptional service and support. Ozmo is proud to partner with Rogers in this endeavor and our teams look forward to continuing to innovate and provide meaningful value to customers worldwide.