How to provide exceptional customer service with Ozmo 3.4

When it comes to customer support, it's critical in today's day and age that customers not only have their needs met, but more importantly, exceeded. Today, 67% of customers agree that they would switch providers or brands that they're loyal to because of poor customer service.1 Providing exceptional customer service is necessary to the health and success of a business. So how can customer support teams go above and beyond in their support?

At Ozmo, our team is dedicated to ensuring positive support interactions for millions of contact center agents and customers across the customer support journey. In order to provide effective customer support, one of the first steps is to empower customers to find answers to their own problems with a simple, comprehensive self-serve offering that handles common questions and problems. 

While promoting digital adoption is just one aspect of effective customer support, it’s critical to also recognize when a customer needs direct guidance from an agent to solve their problem. The goal of Ozmo for Agents is to empower support agents to provide timely, accurate answers for more complex customer issues. 

In alignment with this goal, Ozmo’s major focus in the 3.4 release is making improvements to the Ozmo for Agents offering, targeting two major scenarios:

  1. Tackling the complexities of providing virtual device and app support for other languages
  2. Providing quicker answers for some of the most common user questions

In addition, we've also made some enhancements to the Ozmo self-serve portal. The goal with 3.4 for Ozmo’s self-serve experience is to enhance usability and make it even easier for customers to answer their own questions, saving communication time with agents for the more intricate interactions.

Want to know more about how to provide exceptional customer service for your agents and customers? Continue reading below to learn more. 

How to provide exceptional customer service for your contact center 

Language support for contact centers 

Research shows that customers vastly prefer receiving customer support in their native language.2 Almost all companies in today's world have a multilingual user base, so meeting them on their own terms is often critical to maintaining happy and loyal customers.

Currently, Ozmo helps to meet this need with fully localized tutorial content available in both our self-serve and Ozmo for Agents offerings across our devices and apps. This helps to provide the same language guidance for many workflows for devices and apps across our platform.

In some more complicated scenarios, customers need an agent to follow along with their device or app. One way that Ozmo solves this issue is with our virtual devices and apps. 

For non-English speaking or bilingual contact center agents, this may present a challenge. When a device or app is presented only in English, the locale will sometimes have substantially different screen layouts or control placement. This can create confusion between what a support agent sees on the device, and what the customer's screen is showing in a different language.

To combat this, effective language support resources can provide much quicker and more accurate assistance to customers of any locale. With Ozmo release 3.4, our enhanced language support within our virtual devices provides contact centers with just that. Ozmo now leverages an intelligent mapping solution to provide access to localized virtual devices in a cost-effective manner. This means that agents have the ability to select a locale and then view and interact with a translated virtual device just like they would in English.

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Troubleshooting capabilities for agents

When it comes to troubleshooting, oftentimes contact centers will identify certain questions and workflows that customers need help with more frequently. 

By giving those common troubleshooting items special attention and providing agent shortcuts to access them, it’s possible to greatly cut down the time to resolution on the most common customer issues. It’s inevitable that some of the problems that customers face may escalate up to agent calls or chats, so it can also be vital to provide that same information directly to the agents.

In Ozmo’s prior 3.2 release, we brought freeform troubleshooting access to the self-serve portal to help address some of those questions.

Now in release 3.4, Ozmo has enhanced troubleshooting capabilities in Ozmo for Agents as well. With Ozmo for Agents, contact centers have shortcuts for some of their top customer questions that they can access from anywhere, at any time for any support interaction.

How to provide exceptional customer service for your customers

Self-serve usability improvements

Self-serve tools are key to providing incredibly quick and effective answers to a customer’s question. In order to provide a quality experience, a self-serve solution needs to provide exceptional usability so that any customer can quickly and simply find the solution to their problem. This helps to promote digital adoption among users while decreasing call volume to allow agents to focus more of their time and resources on complex interactions.

In 3.4, we've taken some additional steps to make sure our tutorials are even easier to understand and better visualize what's happening on the screen. With improvements to our zoom capabilities, customers have better access to how they view their self-serve tools.

Implement exceptional customer service today

With new capabilities for agents and increased tutorial usability in the self-serve portal, Ozmo makes it easier than ever to provide exceptional customer service. With Ozmo’s omnichannel support platform, your contact centers and customers can be equipped with unmatched language support, troubleshooting capabilities and improved self-serve support usability. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our additional language support, troubleshooting options or how you can partner with Ozmo to provide self-serve or contact center support for your customers and agents, download the free customer experience improvements guide today.

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