Ozmo solves device support.

Device support is complex. Ozmo makes it simple.

Ozmo helps mobile operators and their consumers solve any device or software issue quickly and effectively.

Device support is becoming increasingly complex as more devices and software updates are released. Keeping up with this complexity using traditional support tools is next to impossible. Ozmo’s solutions scale to support mobile operators of all sizes, device manufacturers and more.

Products that transform device support.

Ozmo for Agents

Empowering Agents in the Contact Center

Over 75,000 contact center agents enjoy increased confidence and improved performance metrics with the ability to solve any device issue through the use of Ozmo's unrestricted troubleshooting tool.

Ozmo Self Serve

Enabling Consumers to Support Themselves

Consumer preferences are changing. Ozmo helps mobile carriers stay a step ahead of consumer demand with self serve tools that provide consistent answers available across all of your digital channels.

Why Ozmo?

Ozmo serves as the single authoritative source for any and all device support issues, providing an unbeatable customer experience across all support channels.


Ozmo's support ecosystem eliminates the need for general web searches that provide potentially inaccurate answers. Instead, Ozmo provides a set of accurate, up-to-date answers you can rely on.


Consistency of answers is one of the most frustrating aspects for your consumers. Ozmo's support platform ensures that your consumers receive consistent answers to their device support issues, regardless of channels.


Device support is not a one-size-fits-all problem and the move to generalized support has left consumers confused. Ozmo tailors every answer in its platform to the specific device and software version the customer has in hand.

Customer Success Stories

With a revolutionary device support platform, Ozmo helps its customers transform their support experiences across all channels. Learn more about the successes of two of our customers: Verizon Wireless and TELUS.

The largest mobile operator in the United States saves tens of millions of dollars each year through its partnership with Ozmo.

With a dedication to the customer experience, TELUS relies on Ozmo to provide device support across its traditional and digital channels.

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