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Digital support is shaping the future of customer service and having the right support platform in place is critical for keeping your business ahead of the rapid pace of change. Ozmo’s customers trust us to be the authoritative source of support answers for the ever-evolving landscape that is technology.

Omnichannel solutions for your business

Self serve

Enabling customers to support themselves

With technology advancements come high customer expectations and varied support channel preferences. Ozmo’s self serve product provides customers the tools needed to solve their own questions hassle-free across all of your digital channels. These interactive tutorials promote contact deflection and reduce the volume of support tickets in contact centers, cutting costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

Contact center

Empowering agents in the contact center

As many support centers shift from physical locations to remote-based work, agents require additional resources to adequately do their jobs. Over 75,000 contact center agents enjoy increased confidence and improved performance metrics with the ability to solve any tech-specific issue through the use of Ozmo’s unrestricted troubleshooting tool. No matter where your contact center is located or how many agents you employ, Ozmo for Agents provides scalable, virtual support.

Service adoption

Onboarding made easy

Successful onboarding of new services, features, apps and devices is important not only for building brand loyalty but also customer retention. Advance your digital transformation through frictionless support while simplifying feature adoption for your customers. With Ozmo’s solutions, you can meet your customers at the beginning of their journey to supply them with the guidance they need to be successful.

Driving the results that matter across verticals



Broaden your customer base while retaining them long term through value-added services. Ozmo’s turnkey solution provides a scalable virtual device and app library along with self-serve tools for your customers to drive efficiencies and cut support costs. We cater to businesses of all sizes and types in the telecom industry from some of the largest mobile operators in the world to MVNOs and beyond.

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Smart devices

Smart devices

Ozmo’s omnichannel support platform offers a single source of consistent answers across all digital channels for device manufacturers, connected home providers and IoT retailers. Our extensible solutions lead to positive customer experience, improved NPS and lower operating costs, just to name a few.

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Device insurance

Device insurance

Provide the best-in-class, premium support experience that your customers care so much about while maintaining a competitive edge. Our solutions give users the ability to follow their preferences for how they access support while supplying agents with critical product knowledge to reduce claims.

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Ozmo’s platform is trusted by some of the world’s leading enterprises.

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