The ultimate contact center key metrics glossary

Your guide to measuring success

When it comes to driving your support team towards success, it’s critical that your team understands how to identify and measure your contact center’s performance. The contact center key metrics glossary includes over 35 of the most frequently used metrics that will help your team analyze agent effectiveness, problem resolution, customer satisfaction and more along with the top key metrics your contact center should be tracking.

With customer churn rates that are over 20% in the telecom industry, it's imperative that customer service teams understand the key metrics that impact their business the most today. This comprehensive glossary highlights the key metrics that will provide your team with all of the information they need to properly benchmark progress, outline success and enhance support goals within your business.

To learn more about each of the key metrics that your team should know more about to set up your team for success, download the available ultimate contact center key metrics glossary today.

About Ozmo’s contact center solution

While many customers turn first to digital channels to find the tech support answers they need, one thing is for certain: the contact center is not going anywhere. With Ozmo’s omnichannel support platform, your business will cut costs by removing expensive physical devices and directing simple inquiries to be solved in digital channels, allowing your agents to focus on solving the most complex issues with robust tools. Ozmo transforms your contact center into a primary driver of increased customer satisfaction and retention.

Ozmo’s unique contact center solution, Ozmo for Agents, helps solve complex tech support issues, providing the necessary tools for agents to address customer needs quickly and confidently. Our assisted support solution offers access to key features, including virtual devices and apps, for ease of use and customer satisfaction.

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