Wispapalooza 2023: How to optimize the connected home experience

As an advocate for technology accessibility and expert in broadband tech support, Ozmo had the privilege of presenting its thought leadership insights to industry professionals at the 2023 Wispapalooza event

Keep reading to learn more about Wispapalooza 2023 and Ozmo’s presence at the show. 

Wispapalooza 2023 recap

About Wispapalooza

Located at the Paris and Horseshoe in Las Vegas, Wispapalooza is recognized as a prominent gathering for Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) worldwide. The event, hosted by the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA), provided attendees with a platform for networking and collaboration within the broadband sector.

This year’s Wispapalooza brought together industry leaders, professionals and tech enthusiasts insights into the emerging trends and regulatory practices within the broadband sector. Sponsors of the event included Ubiquiti, Calix, Crown Castle and more. 


WISPA’s mission, Broadband Without Boundaries, is centered around bringing vital internet access to underserved and underrepresented communities nationwide. The organization serves to educate its members and consumers on the importance of deploying broadband solutions through the advocacy of critical infrastructure and policy changes.

How to optimize the connected home experience

On the first day of Wispapalooza, Ozmo’s Head of New Business Development Troy Cross shared how to unlock user value and uncovered why customer experience is the key to differentiation within a heavily saturated market. Cross’ presentation followed sessions from Cambium Networks’ Daran Hermans and ZIRKEL Wireless' Joshua Nowak. 

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The presentation itself covered how broadband service providers are currently under growing pressure to enhance the in-home experience in a highly competitive market. Consumers rank quality of experience as one of the top five features they seek from their service providers, and as capacity increases through fiber expansion and bandwidth-intensive services, it’s vital that providers can support the various interconnected technologies within the home.

Cross had previously shared his expertise at Fiber Broadband Association’s Fiber Connect 2023, a similar event geared toward broadband professional. 

Enhancing user experiences in broadband

Wispapalooza 2023 served as a platform to explore future developments in broadband connectivity. Ozmo recognizes that in order to deliver quality experience to customers, providers must be equipped with a comprehensive view of the in-home internet experience. To learn more about how Ozmo helps broadband and wireless providers deliver unmatched customer experiences, explore our tech support solutions for home internet today. 

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