Remote video customer support guide

Skip the costly truck rolls and troubleshoot live

Seventy-one percent of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. Without it, customers are more likely to churn. That's why remote video customer support is the new frontier for personalized customer service.

Remote video customer support is a two-way video experience used to troubleshoot, guide and solve consumer tech support inquiries. This allows customer support agents to visually assess and address customer issues in real time and see the full device or app issue, right at their fingertips. Not to mention, customers gain a more personalized and secure support experience that solves their issue in seconds without having to deploy a technician to their home.

In addition to ease of use and personalization, remote video support has the power to drastically improve contact center KPIs, such as first call resolution, handling time and more. By providing accessible remote video tools to agents and customers, businesses can expect lower overhead costs by cutting unnecessary truck rolls and repeat requests.

Say "goodbye" to costly installations and lengthy troubleshooting calls and say "hello" to a brand new world of effective customer support. To learn more about what businesses should expect with a robust remote video customer support tool, download this guide today.

About remote video support in Ozmo for Agents

Ozmo’s unique contact center solution, Ozmo for Agents, helps solve complex tech support issues, providing the necessary tools for agents to address customer needs quickly and confidently. Our assisted support solution offers access to key features, including virtual devices and app emulators, for ease of use and customer satisfaction.

With Ozmo's latest remote video support feature, agents now have the ability to see exactly what the customer sees, allowing for better understanding of the problem and faster resolution. To learn more about Ozmo's robust remote video tool and experience live support for yourself, click here.

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