Three ways to disinfect your phone and other tech

Our smartphones and other connected devices go with us everywhere. Just a quick image search for the amount of germs on a cell phone (we don’t recommend it) will have you pretty grossed out, though. Despite all the benefits they provide, the connected devices we use in our everyday lives can carry all types of germs. Though COVID-19 has heightened our awareness of the need for increased handwashing and safety precautions, something that often gets overlooked is the need to sanitize our devices.

Below we’ll share three different methods to clean your tech and remove germs, each with an interactive guide to walk you through the process.
And just a few quick notes before you begin: always power down your device before cleaning and be sure to avoid using bleach or spraying any liquid directly onto your devices.

How to sanitize your smartphone and other devices

Method 1: Sanitizing wipes

Using sanitizing wipes is a quick and inexpensive way to remove germs from your phone and connected devices. Because these wipes are disposable, that means you can toss them when you’re done and move on with your day. Follow the steps below to disinfect your device using sanitizing wipes.

Method 2: Isopropyl alcohol

Our next method is another inexpensive and efficient method for cleaning your devices. Many of us have isopropyl alcohol on hand already and the only other item you’ll need for this method is a soft cloth such as a microfiber towel, meaning this is a no-waste cleaning option. Use the interactive guide below to disinfect your smartphone with alcohol.

Method 3: UV light sanitizer

Our final method to disinfect your technology is using a UV light sanitizer. These are products you can purchase online from many retailers that use UV-C light to kill germs. While this method is more costly than the first two, it does have its benefits, including that you can use these UV sanitizers to sanitize all of your family’s devices throughout the day and it’s a hands-off approach where you simply put it in the machine and return to a sanitized device. Learn how to use a UV sanitizer to clean your devices in the tutorial below.

Now more than ever the need to sanitize and maintain good habits for device safety is clear. After sanitizing your smartphone and other devices, share these interactive guides with friends and family to help them stay healthy too.