Provide your customers with a best-in-class support experience on the new Samsung S10 devices today

Is your customer support team ready for questions about the new Samsung devices?

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the Samsung Galaxy series, and while this is a big deal for your customers, it doesn’t have to be a big deal for your customer support team. The new S10 devices are the first devices released by Samsung operating on the One UI operating system, which means that your customers are going to be asking questions about an entirely new user experience.

Ozmo is offering pre-release access to the Samsung S10, S10+ and S10e on the Ozmo support platform, which means that your agents can begin familiarizing themselves with the new devices and anticipating customer’s questions today. By the time customers receive their new device, your customer support agents and your self-support channels can be ready with answers specific to each new model.

Samsung Power Share

Your agents can utilize tutorial topics and our virtual device to educate customers on how to get the most out of their phone and wearables with Samsung’s new wireless Power Sharing technology.

With the Ozmo support platform, there’s no need to worry about training agents on individual physical devices. Your agents don’t even need to memorize everything - with our special feature topics, agents can easily navigate through the device’s features to find exactly what’s new and send these topics directly to your end customers.

Self-support tools to meet your customers in the channels they prefer

Ozmo’s support tools can help you take advantage of this new Samsung release and use this opportunity to show your customers that you are a reliable source of support. The Ozmo support platform offers both agent-assisted support and customer self-support. We aim to provide support that’s even more intelligent than the new device. Our user-friendly, easy-to-navigate tools and interactive virtual devices help your customers receive the right answer the first time.

Samsung Settings

Ozmo provides self-support tools for different types of customers to self-educate. With an all-new operating system, even the most tech-savvy device user is going to have a few questions. You can send helpful onboarding tips to customers after purchase to help them get the most out of their new device and deflect potential assisted interactions. For example, you can email customers who upgrade to the new device with tutorials to familiarize them with the new navigation and customization settings available with the One UI operating system. One UI will also be adopted by the Note devices as well as the S8 and S9, and you can offer support for each one on the Ozmo support platform.

Ozmo answers can be presented in all of your digital support channels using our API on the day of launch to meet your customers wherever they might go for answers - your support site, FAQ section, mobile application and more. Ozmo’s self-guided tutorials are a great tool for those who are new to Samsung devices, those just making a switch from an older model and operating system or anyone who wants to get the most out of their new device. Send your customers a tutorial showing them how to set up face scan abilities on their new device or walk them through the steps using our virtual device. Connect with your customers and help them optimize their phone use at the same time.

Agent-assisted tools to empower your support team

Empower your agents and help them solve problems and answer questions quickly and easily. With Ozmo for Agents, your agents can become experts on the new Samsung device and its features today. This means you can be prepared for questions before customer inquiries begin to reach your contact center.

Samsung Settings

When customers begin asking questions about the new on-screen fingerprint scanner on the S10 or S10+ or the new hole punch display, Ozmo’s virtual devices and interactive tutorials allow agents to provide answers without ever holding a physical device. When customers with the S10e ask about the side fingerprint scanner and power button, your agents can provide them with answers that are tailored to their individual model.

Answers are surfaced to agents as they navigate the device so they can assist your customers more efficiently and confidently. With 62 percent of US consumers reporting according to an American Express survey that a representative’s knowledge or resourcefulness is crucial, Ozmo allows you to provide your agents with the confidence and tools they need to answer any question that comes their way.

As a feature of Ozmo for Agents, agents can also send customers self-support tools to follow up and reinforce the support provided during the assisted interaction. This is a great way to leverage assisted support to promote lower cost digital channels for future inquiries.

Try it for yourself

The Ozmo support platform allows your customer support agents to be confident in providing your customers with immediate, reliable support that’s ready today. A survey conducted by Gartner revealed that 64 percent of customers find the support experience more important than the price of a purchase. You can use your customer support to build a relationship that goes beyond the product, and customers will learn to turn to digital channels for trusted answers to their device questions.

Want to explore the new device in the Ozmo support platform? Ozmo will be demonstrating the device using our support platform during Mobile World Congress. Come by our booth in hall 5 - booth 5A13 - or contact us to schedule a demo anytime so you can discover what your customer support has been missing.