Ozmo welcomes Cellcom as a new customer to its tech support platform

Ozmo welcomes Cellcom

U.S.-based regional wireless provider Cellcom has selected Ozmo as its support platform to provide robust customer support tools to its employees and customers as it, like many companies, adapts to a more dispersed work environment. 

As a new customer, Cellcom has complete access to Ozmo’s scalable omnichannel platform which offers comprehensive support tools for a seamless customer support experience across all channels. 

“We are eager to welcome Cellcom as our newest customer to provide our support platform to its agents and customers,” said David Catalano, CEO and co-founder of Ozmo. “This multi-year agreement represents Ozmo’s commitment to enhancing the customer experience and we’re thrilled to assist Cellcom throughout this process.”

Ozmo for Agents is a comprehensive support platform that empowers representatives  with tools and answers needed to help customers with solving complex technology issues quickly and confidently. With Ozmo’s assisted support solutions, Cellcom employees are expected to see improved first call resolution and reduced average handling time. 

“It’s just like operating the device as if it were in your hand. You can walk the customer through each screen exactly as they would see it,” said one Cellcom technical support agent about Ozmo during an initial trial.

Additionally, Ozmo’s scalable virtual device platform replaces the need for physical devices in call centers or retail locations, ultimately decreasing Cellcom’s capital costs and empowering team members to be successful no matter their work location. 

“Cellcom prides itself on providing extraordinary customer care. As device lineups and product offerings continue to diversify and technology advances at an exponential rate, providing our team members with a new tool to maintain our high level of service and customer satisfaction was imperative,” said Sallie Drier, director of customer operations.

Ozmo’s platform will empower more of our employees to answer technical questions with ease.”

Sallie Drier, Director of Customer Operations at Cellcom

Along with Ozmo for Agents, Cellcom’s customers will have access to Ozmo’s self-serve tools in a future rollout which provide interactive resources and education tools to quickly and efficiently answer their technology questions. Once implemented, Ozmo self serve will improve  Cellcom’s call deflection rates by providing customers with convenient tutorials to solve their technology issues, which boosts overall customer retention and satisfaction.

“Our live and local customer service is always happy to answer customer questions, but we’re excited to add convenient self-serve tools that are specific to our product set in the future for customers who prefer to troubleshoot questions on their own,” said Drier.

Cellcom will also have access to Ozmo’s expanded library options which provides customers with expanded support for a variety of additional devices, including tablets and smartwatches.

“With Ozmo’s support tools, agents and customers are empowered with reliable information and the confidence to serve even the most complex technology questions,” said Catalano. “The Ozmo team is looking forward to a long term partnership with Cellcom.”

About Cellcom

Cellcom is an innovative wireless company that provides nationwide service for its customer base throughout Wisconsin and Michigan, with more than 50 retail and agent locations. Cellcom is respected for its long-standing reputation of delivering extraordinary customer care, being a strong community partner, and for its renowned network, which is customized to its rural markets. Learn more at cellcom.com