Ozmo to showcase its support platform at Mobile World Congress 2018

Join us for a live demo of our transformative device support platform at stand 23 in Hall 8 (Fira Montjuïc).

The last few months of 2017 were packed with flagship device launches and software version releases, further increasing complexity in a world already saturated with devices. With so much consumer choice available, the daunting problem of supporting these devices continues to grow.
How can a mobile operator or device manufacturer successfully support every device on every available operating system version for its customers?

Previously, an attempt to solve for device support was made through online knowledge bases created for consumers and support agents alike to wade through in search of answers.

The problem with these knowledge bases - and other outdated methods of support - is that they are manual in nature. They require content creation upfront, as well as continuous maintenance and updating throughout the lifecycle of a device. As more operating system versions are released and new models are launched, the manual effort required simply to maintain the support tool grows tenfold.

Furthermore, answers in the knowledge base are not extensible; they can only be used in a singular location in a singular format. They do not extend to meet consumers where they expect answers in the digital channels of today’s world.

Ozmo’s support platform changes the way operators and OEMs view device support. It provides a single authoritative source of truth through its answers repository that eliminates the need for manual content creation and maintenance. By automating support with the platform, Ozmo’s subscribers experience immediate value on day one.

Agents in the contact center receive access to advanced tools for troubleshooting complex device issues across all major operating system version. Consumers gain access to answers unique to their device in the digital channels they prefer to use through the Ozmo API.

Devices in the Ozmo platform receive complete lifecycle support coverage, eliminating all manual work while providing consumers with the most up-to-date answers tailored to their unique devices.
Ozmo will demonstrate its transformative platform, which is used today by mobile operators like Verizon and TELUS, including Ozmo for Agents, Ozmo’s self-serve solution and its new API, at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, taking place from February 26 - March 1.

Ozmo MWC Map

To learn more, visit Ozmo at MWC 2018 at booth 23 in Hall 8 of Fira Montjuïc.

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