Introducing Ozmo

Modea has changed a lot since we began our journey almost 10 years ago. What started out as a small advertising agency in Southwest Virginia, evolved into a thriving digital consultancy with healthcare and telecom clients all over North America. And today, we are changing it up once again with the launch of our new spin-out company. Meet Ozmo!

Ozmo Logo

The idea for Ozmo was born in 2014. We realized through our work with Verizon and Telus that all mobile operators were struggling with the same fundamental problem: How to help customer service agents manage device complexity and troubleshoot device issues with ease and confidence.

So, in late 2014, we launched a cloud-based virtual device library, the first of its kind, and opened it up to all mobile operators in North America. And the market feedback was phenomenal -- so much so that we realized we had a fully sustainable business that deserved its own brand. Hence, we decided last year that it was time to spin-out the device support division from Modea and operate it as an independent company under a new name: Ozmo.

Who is Ozmo?

Ozmo comes from the words ‘cosmos,’ meaning universe, and ‘osmosis,’ the process of gradual assimilation of ideas and knowledge. The cornerstone of Ozmo’s branding is our logo. It is based on two simple shapes -- a circle and an arrow. Our icon is a condensed version of our logo. It represents an “embrace,” symbolizing the support that we offer agents and consumers in times of need.

Ozmo’s new brand is a perfect reflection of who we are and where we hope to go from here. It stands for a comprehensive, personalized, and constantly evolving experience that empowers users, eliminates complexity, and makes technology more approachable.

How Ozmo was born

A new brand identity is more than a name, a logo and an icon. It is a framework that connects the products, the goals and the history in a digestible way. Building that framework for Ozmo has taken more than six months and has involved a close collaboration between a dedicated in-house team and two independent contractors. Brand consultant James Wu helped us decide on our new name, the brand positioning, and the brand messaging, while Josh Smith worked with us on our visual identity. It has been an incredible journey. We have gained a great deal of insight into who we are, what we are good at, and where we want to be.

Ozmo Branding Exercise

What's Next?

We have big things planned for 2016. In addition to conquering the North American market, we plan to start offering our platform to select European operators mid-year. On the product front, we will continue to enhance our Virtual Device library and launch a new and improved version of our Device Support Platform later this year. We can barely contain our excitement to see what 2016 has in store for us and we can’t wait to kick off the year with an inspiring new brand!