Centricity elevates customer support with strategic collaboration with Ozmo 

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Ozmo support platform enhances Centricity customer experience

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Centricity, a rapidly growing lifestyle services company known for its dynamic integration of technology and innovative service solutions, announced today that it has formed a strategic partnership with Ozmo to enhance its customer claims experience.

Ozmo provides an extensive spectrum of technical support resources tailored to customer support teams and consumers, spanning across a diverse array of products including smartphones, tablets, interconnected home devices, and entertainment systems. Distinguished for its ease of use and impact on key business metrics, the Ozmo platform imbues Centricity’s technical support team with a refined knowledge repository, streamlined processes and optimized workflows. 

These digital assets empower Centricity’s experts to expedite customer query resolution while delivering extensive troubleshooting guidance. By leveraging Ozmo's comprehensive tech support platform, Centricity maintains its commitment to delivering unparalleled support to its valued customers.

“Ozmo and Centricity are working together to provide best-in-class support and customer experiences,” said Centricity President Ted Moorthy. “We are enthusiastic about embarking on this collaborative journey, striving to set pioneering benchmarks for excellence and customer satisfaction.”

"Our team is thrilled about our partnership with Centricity, and we're eager to extend the exceptional support that Ozmo provides to the Centricity team and its customers," said Ozmo Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer Aaron Herrington.

About Ozmo

Ozmo is a technology company that creates software to solve tech support at scale. The omnichannel Ozmo support platform is home to tens of thousands of answers that can be served up across all support channels – from the traditional, agent-assisted to digital, self-serve channels. Ozmo’s platform assists in over 25 million support interactions each year for customers that span the wireless, device hardware, tech insurance, home internet, connected home and business voice spaces. Learn more at www.ozmo.com

About Centricity

Centricity partners with both retailers and manufacturers to provide customized product protection solutions, driving increased revenue and resulting in happy, loyal customers. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, Centricity is a privately held and wholly owned subsidiary of Bankers Financial Corporation, a 47-year-old company with a rich history of service and protection. Visit www.centricity.com to learn more.