Android 12: Assist your customers with the latest update

The tech industry is innovating quickly with many manufacturers constantly releasing new updates for their devices to enhance the user experience. This week, Google released its latest update: Android 12. The update focuses on usability, interconnectivity and customization which provides customers with the ability to create their own unique experiences. 

Being prepared to guide your customers through Android 12 is essential to improve customer satisfaction. With Ozmo’s omnichannel support platform, your agents will be ready to assist your customers with any questions they may have. New updates can be complex for customers to fully understand, resulting in more calls entering the contact center. With Ozmo’s self-serve tools, your customers will get up to speed on this latest operating system (OS) version more efficiently than ever before, therefore increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Keep scrolling to learn more about what uncertainties your customers may have about Android 12 and the solutions Ozmo offers to provide comprehensive support. 

Upgraded design in Android 12

With Android 12, users can expect a new and improved user interface. This includes rounder icons, a brand-new lock screen featuring a large clock and new personalizable accent colors. It has been several years since the user interface has been updated in Android devices, so this may take time for users to get familiar with. Your customers have only known one system in the past so there is bound to be some hesitation when maneuvering through the new designs of each feature. With Ozmo self-serve, customers have all the necessary tools to help themselves and our assisted support for agents can help those customers even further. Our self-serve and assisted platforms include the most up-to-date visual references for agents and customers that illustrate exactly what they can expect to see on their devices when they update to Android 12. 

More specifically within this user interface update, notifications are now more intuitive and accessible as they are displayed at a much larger scale in a sleek-round shape. Android 12 also gives users the power to customize their widgets. These widgets are more informative, supplying ample information right to customers’ fingertips. The new Game Dashboard and Live Space from this update supplies widgets for all things for your customers’ day-to-day necessities. 

Navigating through this brand-new customization option may also lead your customers to have some confusion. With comprehensive agent-assisted support tools, your representatives can quickly direct users to where they need to go in order to give them a personal touch within Android 12. 

Enhanced usability

Android 12 users can now expect enhancements to their devices with a longer, more sustainable battery life, giving them more power to access every new feature. Users can now launch Google Assistant by clicking the home button rather than previously having to say “Hey, Google.” This update also lets customers utilize their devices to act as a remote control for Android TV OS devices. Android 12 will also detect when users are lying down, therefore ceasing to auto-rotate to enhance the entire interaction with their devices. Employing Ozmo self-serve can give users the answers they need when familiarizing themselves with their new device and updated features, eliminating costly customer support inquiries. 

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One of the most advanced features that is included with Android 12 is scrolling screenshots, where users are able to capture important information in a singular long screenshot instead of having to hassle with taking several photos like in the past. 

With Ozmo for Agents, your agents can guide customers to navigate these new experiences with the help of a virtual device which replicates Android 12 on any compatible device. 

Android 12's improved interconnectivity and privacy

Improved interconnectivity also comes alongside the arrival of Android 12. Now, users are able to access Quick Settings straight from the menu, providing them with all of the options right within a tap on their screens. This is also accompanied by a singular space for customizing privacy settings. Your customers are now able to access all permission information and control access to their applications. Currently, 87% of internet users believe that the risk of cybercrime, which includes having their personal information hacked, is growing1.

It is imperative that your customers are aware of how to access privacy settings and create secure folders as users learn more about data privacy and security risks. Ozmo can empower your agents to prioritize customer security within Android 12. With the help of an omnichannel support platform, you can provide your customers with step-by-step interactive support through their preferred channels. Being equipped with these omnichannel answers, your customers can have all of their software questions answered and get the most out of their Android 12 device.

Advance your customer support today

This revamp of the Android operating system will enhance the experience of your customers, but there may be hurdles that arise as they become familiar with the new design and functionality. From configuring their widget homepage to keeping their information secure, users may find themselves confused from time to time. 

Seamlessly help your customers integrate Android 12 into their daily lives with the power of Ozmo. Ozmo self serve empowers your customers to independently resolve any issues they may encounter by directing them to the appropriate solution, thus resulting in more efficient Android 12 experiences. Ozmo for Agents can also educate your employees to help your customers truly optimize Android 12 to their advantage. Your contact center agents will be provided with all of the tools necessary to guide customers through this new update and understand every new feature.

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