Over 6,400 support agents benefit from free access to Ozmo for Agents

During these times when the world is practicing social distancing, people are connecting through technology in new, innovative ways and spending more time on their devices. With this comes a spike in technical issues and questions we may not normally encounter. For many enterprises, this means higher service requests and longer wait times for consumers. To help enterprises manage customer support during COVID-19, we are offering free access to our assisted support product, Ozmo for Agents, to create a seamless, contact-free interaction.

Since March, we have successfully onboarded new enterprises to Ozmo’s platform and have expanded support to current customers. Companies can now offer support agents access to Ozmo’s extensive virtual device library free of charge. To date, the program has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from businesses and their support agents.

This is amazing, please keep developing this!

Direct feedback from call center agent, top tier mobile device OEM

In the last month, we have brought on four new mobile operators and expanded service support to seven of our customers. Over 6,400 agents within their support centers have benefitted from free access to Ozmo for Agents, using it over 18,000 times in the short time this has been live. In addition, hundreds of agents from our current customers on the Ozmo platform have benefitted from expanded library access with more virtual devices at their fingertips than ever.

Reps are happy because they have been asking for device emulators forever.

CX Manager, tier one US mobile operator

Support staff can offer customers more efficient and accurate answers

With safety in mind, our purpose is to ensure enterprises can provide an optimal experience for both agents and customers alike. By using Ozmo for Agents, support staff can offer customers more efficient and accurate answers while adapting to their at-home work environments and remove the need to handle physical devices.

The Work from Home team is delighted to have such a robust capability on-board so quick and easy and FREE!

CX Manager, tier one US mobile operator

Free access to Ozmo for Agents

We invite you to use our platform free of charge, no strings attached. Email us at newbiz@ozmo.com to discuss how we can help you expand your customer support using our platform today.