How to implement measurable customer support goals

Your personalized goal-setting worksheet

In recent years, federal and state government officials have made increased efforts to fund broadband accessibility for thousands of households across the United States. This expansion of broadband is only expected to continue each year. If one thing is for certain, this is the year of broadband. As the need for broadband accessibility surges across the nation, so does the need for more advanced customer service. Before implementing your support strategy this year, there's one question you should ask yourself first: has your team defined your customer support goals?

Prior to outlining your annual or quarterly objectives, it's critical that you take the time to assess your current support goals and determine if they are: smart, measurable, actionable, realistic and time-bound, otherwise known as SMART goals. Do your current goals meet a specific timeline? Are they reasonable to achieve? By benchmarking your objectives with this criteria, your customer service team is more likely to see advancements to your overall support, customer satisfaction rates and more.

As we know, goal-setting isn't always easy though: that's why our tech experts at Ozmo have created a customizable worksheet for you to outline and establish attainable and measurable customer support goals. Simply download the guide to start outlining your goals and next steps. Afterwards, take the time to assess your items to ensure they are SMART for the timeline you aim to implement them. Then, your team is ready to get started!

From industry trends including broadband market expansion, competitive customer service, self-serve experiences, remote workforces, virtualization in the contact center and more, this goal-setting worksheet provides your team with the workspace to make actionable steps towards achieving your goals.

With this rapid expansion in broadband, there's no time to waste. Download the free goal-setting worksheet to help outline your team's support goals and benchmarks for success today. 

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