Tech insurance provider increases agent confidence and NPS with Ozmo

Tech insurance case study

As a leading provider of device insurance, warranty and support for smart devices, this company supports many millions of customers around the world. Its tech insurance support goes beyond the basics of simply troubleshooting issues; its expert support agents help customers get the most out of their technology by going above and beyond in every interaction.

This premium offering of unlimited and all-inclusive help necessitates a powerful support platform that arms its agents with always up-to-date answers at their fingertips and the tools they need to drive positive outcomes for customers.

To learn more about how this global tech insurance and premium support provider empowers its agents around the world with the tools needed to resolve customer inquiries, download the available tech insurance case study today.

About Ozmo device insurance support

Ozmo has long supported businesses within the device insurance sectors. Our team is dedicated to providing reliable, trusted insurance support to customers and agents alike. With Ozmo’s solutions, insurance providers are equipped with the tools to scale their business, improve the quality of their customer support all while minimizing claims. 

It’s essential for device insurance providers to have the ability to maintain and increase customer loyalty. That’s why with Ozmo, companies specializing in tech insurance can provide the ultimate customer-centric experience.

Insurance providers can reduce manual processes and improve offerings to secure more enterprise contracts, and better serve the customers that expect premium support from their businesses. With Ozmo you can expect your business to gain new capabilities to improve customer satisfaction that goes above and beyond the competition.

For tech insurance providers who are seeking an all-in-one, omnichannel support platform, Ozmo offers the expertise to help you deliver the best-in-class, white glove customer service experience. 

Ozmo’s support solutions provide easy-to-use tools to contact center agents and millions of customers across the globe with its contact center, self-serve and digital adoption solutions.

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Download the tech insurance case study