C Spire selects Ozmo platform for solving complex device support

Blacksburg, Virginia – C Spire is partnering with Ozmo, Inc. to provide intelligent device support solutions for its service staff and customers as part of a multi-faceted company-wide Tech Movement investment, service and support initiative.

The partnership with Ozmo builds on C Spire’s recently announced AI platform launch and is part of the company’s promise to be customer-inspired by providing state-of-the-art, transformative digital experiences for its customers and team members.

C Spire signed a multi-year contract with Ozmo that gives it full access to the provider’s device support platform used in over 25 million support interactions each year. The platform is used across a full range of customer care channels, including traditional channels like voice and retail, and digital channels like web and mobile.

We know customers want more convenient ways to get tutorials, better troubleshooting and streamlined support for their devices. We investigated several platforms and found that Ozmo provides the best solution for us to meet customer needs.

Graham Miller, Director of Digital Transformation at C Spire

In its customer contact centers, C Spire support agents receive full access to Ozmo for Agents, which features an extensive library of hundreds of virtual devices for open-ended troubleshooting as well as thousands of contextual answers for agents to provide a seamless customer support experience.

For C Spire customers who prefer to use digital channels for support, Ozmo’s self-serve product, the interactive tutorial, is available across web and mobile channels for a seamless self-support experience. C Spire expects the new tool to reduce calls to its contact centers and save time and resources.

Miller said the Ozmo platform allows C Spire to leverage intuitive software solutions that enable customers to get the most out of their devices, regardless of the channel. “We anticipate that customers will strongly prefer this new self-service approach because it is intuitive, self-paced and available 24/7 right from their device and on our website.”

Regardless of channel, Miller said C Spire customers will now receive consistent, timely and accurate device support answers powered by Ozmo’s answers repository, which is continuously expanding and improving. “We also plan to integrate Ozmo with our proactive and reactive AI support engine that provide step-by-step answers to questions.”

Every device in the Ozmo library receives lifecycle support with coverage of every major operating system release throughout the lifespan of a device. In addition, Ozmo provides support for new devices at or before public launch, giving C Spire the capability to fully support an entire spectrum of questions across devices and operating systems.

“Ozmo is thrilled to provide the full capabilities of its support platform to C Spire,” said Ozmo CEO David Catalano. “We know this partnership will foster innovation and continuous improvement of the platform and result in better, more cost-effective service for C Spire.”

The Ozmo platform and another AI vendor partnership aimed at powering the firm’s artificial intelligence-based digital customer care initiative are part of a broader C Spire Tech Movement initiative designed to leverage C Spire’s technology leadership and investments to help transform its service areas.

In addition to its partnerships with Ozmo and others, which are part of C Spire’s strategy to create a state-of-the-art digital experience for customers and team members, the C Spire Tech Movement also features a massive deployment of broadband internet access for homes and businesses and other leadership initiatives to drive innovation and the creation and retention of a 21st century technology workforce.

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