CES 2023: Four emerging tech trends your business needs to know

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the ultimate event for exploring the latest technological innovations that will reshape everyday businesses processes and customers’ daily lives. 

While the tech on display might seem futuristic, many of the devices are a reflection of rapidly changing customer expectations. Therefore, it’s critical for companies to pay attention to the latest CES tech trends. 

CES 2023 gives companies critical insights into what customers want, which helps businesses stay relevant in a world of rapidly changing technology. It also helps companies uncover new opportunities to attract and retain new customers, as well as boost NPS. 

But with more than 3,000 exhibits, how do you know which new technology matters the most for your business? Below, we outline how to approach trends from the show, the most notable CES 2023 trends and what they mean for your company. 

CES 2023 recap

CES 2023 was held entirely in person this year for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic. This year’s CES event featured more than 3,200 exhibitors from 173 countries. The four-day event featured innovators from across the tech sector, from developers to technology delivery systems. 

The keynote speakers for the 2023 CES event included global industry leaders such as Crypto Council CEO Sheila Warren, Dr. Ann Docimo of UnitedHealthcare and chef and humanitarian José Andrés. CES featured panels covered a range of topics that provided insights into the future of numerous technologies and related issues such as accessibility, 5G, smart home technology and home entertainment. 

How companies should approach key CES tech trends

Companies studying the 2023 CES trends should look for ways to implement changes in their business processes quickly. 

One of the most important first steps for companies is ensuring that customers are set up for success during the onboarding process. This means equipping contact center agents with the tools they need to assist customers and providing robust, self-serve options.

Four important tech trends from CES 2023

There were numerous innovations at CES 2023. Below are some of the most significant tech trends that businesses should take note of. 

The continued rise of 5G

While the telecom and broadband industries have been discussing 5G for a while, thinking it's old news would be a mistake. In fact, it's considered one of the most important tech trends to watch for in 2023. This is because many telecom customers have never experienced 5G in its true form. People have primarily experienced a 4G and 5G hybrid.

Pure 5G offers better connectivity and mobile experiences. It's also powering innovations that will forever transform peoples' everyday lives. 5G is leading to new technological innovations within the smart home ecosystem and smart cities.  

In addition, with the growing demand for 5G home internet expansion, businesses are experiencing unique opportunities to grow and retain their customer base. And as customers add more devices to their 5G ecosystem, there will also be increasing demand for technical support. 

Providing exceptional customer service will help businesses in increasingly competitive broadband and telecom markets differentiate themselves from competitors. Virtualization, or the use of virtual devices, can help contact center agents provide a more tailored technical support experience for customers who need help troubleshooting with 5G apps or devices. 

Customers want to be connected everywhere

These days, no one enjoys being without cell reception or the internet. Customers today crave constant connectivity, no matter where they are. T-mobile recognized this common customer pain point and partnered with Delta airlines to ensure customers can stream from anywhere – even while in the air

The T-mobile and Delta partnership highlight the importance of being adaptable to meet the demands of your customers. And sometimes, that means taking bold, decisive action to try something no one else in the industry has before (in this case, in-flight streaming). Businesses should listen to customers and anticipate future needs, whether it’s in their technological capabilities, future product features or customer support. 

Accessibility in tech is critical (including in customer service)

The World Institute on Disability declared that this year’s CES featured the most accessible innovations yet. Companies who don’t design technology or customer support experiences with accessibility in mind risk alienating their customers, which could potentially affect customer churn rates or NPS scores. 

One of the most prominent examples of accessible innovation this year is the LG CLOi GuideBot. CLOi (pronounced “Chloe”) assists customers in multiple languages, including several sign languages. 

Without being mindful of accessibility, companies can unintentionally contribute to social inequities experienced by people with disabilities. Therefore, it’s paramount for companies to make sure people of all abilities have an enjoyable experience at every stage of the customer journey. 

To create a more accessible customer support experience, it’s important to meet customers where they are. Beyond WCAG compliance, consider providing a variety of channels for customers to choose the support option that best meets their needs. 

In addition, options such as self-serve can empower customers to resolve their own tech issues independently, with up-to-date information, 24/7. Omnichannel support options can also improve accessibility while helping companies achieve significant cost savings. 

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Homes are getting even smarter

Customers are no longer satisfied with just asking Alexa about the weather. Your customers' homes are getting smarter than ever before. There are now smart sprinklers, smart fridges, smart lighting systems and even smart standing mixers that will mix cake batter for you (they can even be voice-controlled with Alexa and Google Home). 

To accommodate the rapid rise of smart home devices, many companies have announced specific plans to roll out their latest innovations with Matter interoperability, allowing all the smart devices in a customer's home to communicate with one another. That means your customers' smart standing mixers can be used with Alexa and communicate with Leviton light switches. 

In turn, the adoption of Matter will create a new wireless standard and shift customers’' expectations in terms of support. Businesses should prepare their contact center agents with the tools and training to provide the technical support they need with their various smart devices. 

What these CES 2023 trends mean for the tech industry 

Broadband and telecom businesses should always look for ways to innovate and improve the customer experience. Companies today have demonstrated that it's important to take bold action to meet customer demands and stand out as an industry leader. 

In addition, even though the telecom industry has been talking about it for years, the role of 5G cannot be understated. It's continuing to power innovations that are reshaping customers' daily lives. 

Providers need to be prepared to support the expansion of 5G as well as the devices it powers.   To do this, companies should have adequate tools to meet customer needs, such as access to virtual devices for contact center agents or self-serve options that enable the customer to independently resolve technical issues. 

Accessibility was also more front and center at CES 2023 than in previous years. Accessibility is a must; without it, companies could risk alienating potential customers and struggle with customer retention. 

Companies should design every aspect of the customer experience with accessibility in mind. This includes customer service. Businesses should ensure that customer service, including self-serve options, are WCAG 2.0 AA compliant. Accessible customer service options will empower customers to access the information they need when they need it and create a positive experience with your brand. 

CES trends can lead to more business opportunities

CES 2023 revealed thousands of the latest innovations and key insights from industry experts. By paying attention to this year’s trends, companies can meet current customer expectations while planning for the customers of tomorrow. 

In addition, businesses can better equip contact center agents with the resources they need to assist customers. This, in turn, can improve your NPS score and reduce churn. Ultimately, CES provides companies with the vital insights they need to stay competitive in the broadband and telecom industries. 


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