Verizon One Talk launches Ozmo’s remote video solution

Verizon One Talk is elevating its customer experience with the official launch of remote video support, powered by Ozmo. Through this collaboration, Ozmo’s comprehensive platform supports One Talk’s multi-line business phone solution, providing customers with real-time, visual assistance directly through their devices. Verizon One Talk users can now experience convenience and clarity when troubleshooting issues, making their interactions smoother and more productive than ever. Keep reading to discover how remote video is set to transform Verizon One Talk customer service. 

Remote video support for Verizon One Talk customers 

In today’s dynamic work environment, Verizon One Talk is improving collaboration and boosting productivity by integrating business phone features on employees’ chosen devices. This communication solution ensures that every team member, regardless of location, remains connected. To elevate its services, One Talk now incorporates remote video support from Ozmo, transforming how technical issues are addressed.  

Remote video in Ozmo for Agents is a two-way video experience for when an agent needs to see the user’s business phone. Agents can easily initiate the browser-based video session by sending the user a link, which they can then join with a simple click. 

With remote video, Verizon One Talk no longer depends solely on verbal communication or expensive truck rolls to resolve customer support issues. Agents can now visually diagnose the entire device or app problem, while also using Ozmo's extensive virtual device and app solutions library to resolve issues swiftly. This not only saves time and resources but also ensures a seamless and effective resolution for One Talk customers, eliminating the need for on-site technicians.

Verizon One Talk is no stranger to Ozmo’s tech support solutions. The telecom company also employs Ozmo Self Serve, which provides up-to-date and interactive tutorials on a wide variety of topics, enabling users to troubleshoot issues on their own. By combining these offerings with Ozmo’s robust contact center support platform, One Talk is able to provide a holistic support experience for its customers, reaching and empowering them in their moments of need. 

Transforming the customer support experience 

With Ozmo’s platform, Verizon One Talk users can enjoy smoother, more productive support interactions, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. Together, Verizon One Talk and Ozmo are dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses, ensuring that support is always accessible and effective.

If you’re interested in learning more about remote video and Ozmo’s comprehensive assisted support platform, sign up for a free demo today!