Vidéotron selects Ozmo support platform

Beginning August 1, 2020, Vidéotron has joined the Ozmo support platform as a new customer. As a leading telecommunications provider in Canada, Vidéotron selected Ozmo as its tech support provider across its range of customer care channels.

“The multiplication of mobile devices and software updates generates a layer of complexity in our ability to deliver a simple, efficient and personalized customer experience that allow a connected life,” said Frederic Dery, Vice-President of Products and Customer Experience.

Ozmo’s solution is a game changer by providing our customers and agents easy access to efficient, contextual and consistent onboarding and support content.

Frederic Dery, Vice-President of Products and Customer Experience at Vidéotron

Vidéotron has implemented Ozmo’s omnichannel platform across assisted and self-support channels to provide its customers with a consistent, frictionless experience regardless of where they turn for support.

“Ozmo allows our Videotron Call Centers Agents who work from home during the pandemic to better serve our customers,” said Sylvain Brosseau, Senior Vice-President of Operations and Customer Service. “With the virtual devices solution, they now have access at all times to an ever-growing device library, right at their fingertips.”

“We are so excited to welcome Vidéotron to the Ozmo family,” said Aaron Herrington, co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Ozmo. “Our platform empowers Vidéotron’s agents to provide the best possible service to its customers across a wide range of apps and devices. Further, Vidéotron customers will experience the self-serve nature of Ozmo’s digital support tools when they prefer to troubleshoot on their own.”

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Support agents are empowered with Ozmo for Agents, the leading assisted support platform proven to improve first call resolution and customer satisfaction, in Vidéotron contact centers. And Vidéotron customers that prefer to self solve tech support issues will now access interactive self support content across digital channels.

As Dery puts it, “customers expect more autonomy from their mobile operators. Ozmo definitely empowers our customers with self-service capabilities!”

In addition to Ozmo’s robust library of devices and apps, Vidéotron also benefits from custom support of its own mobile apps to guide customers through managing their account, paying their bill and much more topics unique to the Vidéotron network.

Headquartered in Quebec, Vidéotron receives all Ozmo answers in both French and English to fully support its broad network of subscribers.

“We’re very much looking forward to the benefits Vidéotron will receive with its implementation of our support platform, as well as the strong partnership between our two organizations for years to come,” said Herrington.

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