Twigby to advance its contact center support with Ozmo

U.S. based mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Twigby has partnered with Ozmo to enhance its best-in-class support to its customer service agents.

The partnership first began in late 2022, when Ozmo launched a three-month trial with Twigby to provide its support agents with access to Ozmo for Agents in an effort to gauge agent satisfaction and engagement. 

As a result of this successful trial, Twigby’s workforce now has 24/7 access to comprehensive onboarding and training support tools to best serve its contact center teams and boost agent retention. 

Ozmo has made our customer support team even more efficient. Now we are able to assist our customers with navigating their phone while seeing the same phone in real time.

Tamara Fesmire, Director of Customer Service at Twigby.

With Ozmo for Agents, Twigby’s contact center teams are now equipped with a robust digital toolset consisting of virtual devices and apps. Twigby's commitment to excellent customer service means its agents can resolve even the most complex phone-related customer questions with trusted, consistent answers

“Twigby is focused on giving our customers the best support experience possible. With this, many of our customers use phones they already have with our service. This new tool provides our team with technology to help any and all customers no matter where they purchased their phone from,” said Fesmire.

New and existing customers of Twigby can expect detailed support across a wide range of devices and apps throughout every stage of their buyer journey, from onboarding to post-sale troubleshooting and tech support.

“Our team is very excited to continue to support Twigby and further its customer-centric mission to deliver outstanding support to its agents and customers across the U.S.,”  said Aaron Herrington, co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Ozmo.

About Twigby

Twigby launched in 2016 and is successfully managed by a group of telecommunication veterans with over 100 years of combined wireless telecommunications experience. This group came together with the belief that the traditional phone service “one price fits all” model was outdated. This belief has led to a mass migration of customers breaking free from their old cell phone service providers. No long-term contracts, no hidden fees. Just affordable quality phone service built for their customers’ needs. Learn more at