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Seamless self-service integration support with Ozmo

Launch digital tech support in minutes, not months

For most providers today, integrating a custom self-serve support experience can be extremely difficult. IT teams are left to navigate clunky guidelines and heavy-lifting from engineering teams, which can result in a very lengthy timeline; however, digital self-service integration support shouldn't be a painful process for your team.

The keys to effective self-service integration support include:

  1. Effortless implementation
  2. Branded experience
  3. Consistent accessibility

That's why with Ozmo's self-serve portal integration, providers today are able to launch consistent, digital self-serve support within minutes, not months. Not to mention, Ozmo's self-service integration can be personalized to fit your brand and is accessible from wherever your customers prefer to seek out support.

Download this free guide to learn about how you can quickly and efficiently integrate on-brand self-service integration support experience with Ozmo today.

About Ozmo’s Self Serve

Ozmo’s self-serve solution provides 24/7 access to consistent, accurate answers across all digital channels. Regardless of channel preference, Ozmo’s self-serve support solution caters to a wide range of devices, apps and services-specific needs.

With our robust API, tailored experiences are available at any customer support stage, from presale education to post-sale support and more. Ozmo self-serve support solution educates customers about new features and seamlessly onboards them to their new technology. Customers receive continued, extensive support assistance post-sale from initial setup to getting the most out of their tech.

To optimize technology over its lifecycle, customers have access to the latest and most up-to-date answers with Ozmo’s real-time updates for devices, operating systems, applications and more. And best of all, these self-serve tools can be integrated into a wide variety of channels and formats to meet customer preferences.

Learn more about Ozmo Self Serve here.

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