What is digital content production at Ozmo?

When you think of job titles in the ever-growing tech industry, entry-level position job titles tend to be self-explanatory. IT positions generally mean you’ll help fix tech-related issues and engineer positions more often than not tend to create things. However, if you were to ask someone what a content developer is, they probably wouldn’t know what you do, other than “develop content” as the name implies. While that description isn't incorrect, it doesn't fully explain the complexity and creativity of what one would do in the Digital Content Production department at Ozmo. 

What is digital content production?

So what is digital content production within the Ozmo ecosystem? Ozmo creates tens of thousands of tech support answers for its customers across all kinds of devices, apps and services. Digital Content Production is a critical department at Ozmo because it is the team that continuously creates, updates and publishes our always up-to-date answers. Ozmo’s Digital Content Production team is broken up into two halves: the Content Development team and the Quality team.

Both Content Development and Quality teams at Ozmo work very closely with each other, as neither one can do what Ozmo needs us to do on our own. Once the Quality team has evaluated the device or app and written the requirements, the project is then pushed to Content Development.

Want to know what it's like to work on the Digital Content Production team at Ozmo?

How the Digital Content Production department operates

One way to understand how the Digital Content Production team works at Ozmo is to think of our system as a restaurant. As a content developer, you are essentially the cook within the process. Before you can start cooking, you have to know what to order. First, Ozmo’s Quality team evaluates the devices, apps and services that we add to our answers repository and write the requirements (or “reqs”) that we as content developers will use to drive the support materials we create. Once the Quality team takes the order, Content Development then works to eventually craft the final product or “meal” that the customer has ordered. 

Every piece of feedback and data gathered from our users and customers gets funneled directly to Ozmo’s Content Development team and it's our job to use the tools built by our Product and Engineering teams to put it all together. These insights are then used to drive continuous improvement to our product, including updates to our platform and how we deliver answers to millions across the country. While this can seem daunting, Ozmo has a robust training department that educates our team members on the latest processes, automations and tools to allow us to stay ahead of the changing landscape of technology.

What does the Digital Content Production department look like?

When you start as a content developer at Ozmo, you’ll begin by going through training then be placed on one of our three teams, or as we prefer to call them, “tribes”. All three tribes are made up of “squads” of roughly four to ten developers; your squadmates will be the people you see and interact with the most throughout your day. Ozmo has made it a point to make the entire department feel like a cohesive team and even as a now fully-remote company, every effort is being and will be made to make working here a fun and enjoyable experience. 

A day in the life of a content developer

Now you might be wondering: what does a day in the life of a developer look like? Every day you have a brief meeting with your squad to go over the project you are working on, discuss any project-related questions or impediments and to catch up with your squadmates. These daily standup meetings with your squad are a great way to get to know your squadmates and connect with them on a personal level, which can ultimately result in lifelong friendships and memories.

At Ozmo, from day one you’re encouraged to not just collaborate with your coworkers but to also get to know them. Some of the best experiences and memories you will make at Ozmo can and will be made from these meetings. You'll soon see that Ozmo seems to be a magnet for some of the most friendly and dynamic people within the tech world. 

When you aren't making new friends in your day-to-day meetings, you will be working on different parts of your assigned projects. This could include developing self-serve content for the latest software release of Android or building a virtual representation of a new connected home device and its corresponding mobile application. Each aspect of the project will allow you to express your creativity in both problem solving and presentation. Need to show specific information on one of your screens? There are countless clever ways to do that. Looking to display a change that's consistent from your piece of the project to your squadmates? Hop in a quick meeting to sync up and figure out how best to show that change. Being part of a squad in Content Production means being a teammate and a large part of that is shown through the leaders within your squad. At any point that you may run into an issue where something doesn't make sense, content developers are eager to help you and if need be, walk you through the more complex technical concepts. They want to see you succeed and are truly some of the best examples of what Ozmo looks for in its employees.

Become a content developer at Ozmo today

Content development is crucial to the success of Ozmo as you create the very thing that has helped demonstrate to large enterprises such as Verizon, TELUS and more that when we say we want to make technology accessible to all people, we mean it. Interested in helping be a part of a community that wants to push you to be the best version of yourself you can be? Check out our careers page to join our fun and growing team. We’re excited to meet you soon, Ozmonaut!

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