Ozmo tech support platform is implemented by Google Fi

Initial customer support rollout exceeds expectations

Ozmo's tech support platform was selected by Google to provide tailored support for Google Fi's supported devices, and its broader device, app and service offerings.

In August 2019, Ozmo began providing tailored support for all Google Fi devices, including those sold directly by Fi, such as Google’s own Pixel series, and devices that Google Fi customers can bring to the Fi network, which includes a range of both Android and Apple devices.

Additionally, Ozmo is providing custom support for the Google Fi app across all customer journeys, including paying a bill, migrating to the network, managing customer plans and more.

Ozmo’s support platform allows Google Fi customers to receive support for thousands of questions through any channel, from agent-assisted to self-serve. Within just one month, Google Fi had exceeded Ozmo’s annual utilization projections by over 25%.

We chose to partner with Ozmo because of their scalable platform’s ability to support our ecosystem of devices, apps and services. Having Ozmo in the hands of Google Fi agents is great because it allows for complex, personalized troubleshooting for our customers.

David Hoare, Director of Tools & Content for Google’s gTech Users & Products

“We are thrilled to partner with Google on bringing their support operations to life for Google Fi with our omni-channel technology platform” said David Catalano, Ozmo CEO and co-founder. “The Ozmo platform will seamlessly scale to provide the best customer experience across all support channels, whether that’s assisted support by a Google agent or through any number of digital channels for customers to self support.”

Ozmo looks forward to continued collaboration, innovation and growth of the partnership to give Google Fi’s customers the support they need when and where it’s needed.