Multi-Channel Use

Adaptable device support to satisfy consumer demand.

Your consumers expect personalized support in the channels they prefer to use.

Consumer preference for support channels can vary based on a multitude of factors: age, technical knowledge, convenience, the nature of the issue and more. Not only do your consumers expect their preferred channel to be available for support, but they also expect consistent answers across all channels for a seamless support experience.

Ozmo’s self serve tools are dynamic and can be adapted across all digital channels. The tools are built to be truly multi-channel. No matter where your consumers turn to for support, they’ll receive consistent, tailored answers. Ozmo’s repository of answers serves as the single source of device support for your consumers.

With a multi-channel set of self serve tools, mobile operators will see a significant increase in call deflection from their contact centers. Thousands of would-be calls are now diverted to cost-effective, low-effort digital channels where consumers prefer to receive support.

Device support pages

Embed Ozmo's interactive self serve tools in device-specific support pages to provide tailored, personalized support for consumers.

Mobile applications

Integrate self serve tools into your mobile application for accessible, custom support on-device.

Frequently asked questions

Embed individual visual tutorials into frequently asked questions to educate consumers on your website.

Chat sessions

Give your chat agents the ability to send individual tutorials directly to your consumers with a simple keystroke.


Push individual tutorials or the entire device-specific support tools to your consumers via text message.


Include relevant support topics in customer emails for things like onboarding, new features and upgrades.

Community forums

Respond to popular device questions with an embedded interactive tutorial to visually show consumers how to solve hundreds of common device issues.

Social media

Reach more consumers by giving your customer care team the ability to respond to questions or issues on social media with interactive support answers.

Knowledge base articles

Expand your knowledge base articles with visual, interactive guides to improve consumer learning and retention.