Complete device lifecycle support

Continuous access to personalized, up-to-date answers.

Device support is not a one-size-fits-all problem.

The multitude of devices available to consumers combined with frequent software updates leads to thousands of possible combinations that all require tailored support. Generic, text-based content simply won’t cut it for your consumers.

Ozmo supports every device in its library throughout its full lifecycle. The device is made available in the Ozmo library at or before launch and receives coverage of every major operating system update throughout the life of the device. In addition, as core apps receive updates, Ozmo’s devices are updated across the entire library in real time.

Lifecycle support of every device, major operating system and core application in the library gives Ozmo the ability to serve as your single, authoritative source for device support. Ozmo helps your agents and consumers get to the correct answer the first time without the need for Google searches or outside sources of potentially inaccurate information.

Agent confidence in the contact center

With Ozmo’s support platform, your agents will have tools to provide detailed, accurate support tailored to every consumer. Agent confidence increases tremendously with the knowledge that the agent can guide the customer through the troubleshooting process while seeing exactly what they see on their device. This confidence level, which leads to a better on-call experience, drives higher satisfaction ratings and stronger brand loyalty over time.

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Tailored support in digital channels

Lifecycle support provides consumers with personalized support in the digital channels they prefer to use. Ozmo’s support platform gives your consumers the up-to-date answers they need specific to their device and operating system. Finding the answer they need in their preferred digital channels positively impacts satisfaction ratings and brand loyalty, while deflecting costly calls from your contact center to more cost-effective digital channels.

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Up-to-date answers via the API

The Ozmo API gives operators the ability to adapt Ozmo’s robust answer set with their own custom interface. Lifecycle support of all devices in the virtual device library ensures that the answers that are returned through the Ozmo API are always the most up-to-date, accurate and relevant answers.