Guided Integration and Onboarding

Integration driven by years of experience and expertise.

Your technical resources are limited. Getting resources assigned for complex integrations is no small task. Ozmo's commitment to ensuring our customers derive as much ROI as they possibly can from our products means that we'll be there every step of the way to guide you through integration, training and optimization.

Ozmo uses the expertise and knowledge we've gained from years of research, agent interviews and onsite observation in numerous contact centers to guide clients through the optimal integration and onboarding process.


Ozmo works with our clients pre-launch on a discovery process into current tools and systems to review every aspect of device support. This provides a deep understanding of the current shortcomings and frustrations of existing tools that are leading to a sub-optimal customer experience. With this knowledge, Ozmo is able to tailor an integration plan to fit your exact needs.

Before implementation, Ozmo works side-by-side with your agents to provide detailed training on how to maximize the value of the products and to ensure that on day one, your agents are ready to confidently support any device issue.

At Launch

Ozmo’s standard integration gets you up and running in as little as 30 days for both the Ozmo for Agents and Ozmo Self-Serve products. In as little as a month, your agents and consumers will have a completely transformed method of providing and receiving support for complex device issues. Ozmo’s integration experts work alongside your team to guarantee the optimal integration of our products at launch.


Continuous improvements and updates are pushed out to Ozmo’s products. With any new features or functionality, our clients receive hands-on training. As your agents and consumers adapt the device support platform, Ozmo works with you to provide recommendations and best practices to continuously extend the applications and value you derive from the products.