Ozmo for smart device manufacturers

Build customer loyalty and satisfaction with Ozmo

With the ever-expanding connected device landscape, the need for comprehensive tech support solutions is clear. Ozmo’s robust answers platform is equipped to solve for the questions your customers face about your products, apps and services and the ecosystems in which they operate. Build brand loyalty and improve customer satisfaction with always up-to-date answers that meet your customers in their preferred channels, be it self-serve or assisted. Empower customers to get the most out of your products with a frictionless onboarding experience. Ozmo’s goal is to make sure every interaction with your customers along their journey, regardless of channel, is a positive customer experience.

Key benefits for smart device manufacturers

Eliminate manual processes by outsourcing support

Systemize your customer support operations by investing in an omnichannel platform. Agents will spend less time searching for answers and manually inputting customer data. Automation will reduce AHT allowing your teams to handle more requests while delivering expectational customer service.

Unlock customer insights

Learn more about your customer base through device interactions and the pain points they experience.

Build brand loyalty

Ensure customer satisfaction and retention by offering premium support throughout the customer lifecycle.

Tech categories Ozmo supports:


Smartphones and tablets

Connected home

Connected home





Modems routers

Modems & internet devices


Mobile apps

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Solutions for smart devices

Learn more about how Ozmo assists smart device providers. Whether your business is interested in assisted support, self support or service adoption our omnichannel platform is equipped to handle it all.