Virtual device library

Powering Ozmo’s device support agent interface.

Ozmo’s robust virtual device library powers Ozmo for Agents, removing the need for contact centers to maintain a library of physical devices. Included in the device library are hundreds of devices, operating systems and applications, providing tens of thousands of consistent, accurate answers to your agents.

Pre-launch availability

When a new device launches and your agents don’t have access to support tools during the initial influx of calls, they lose confidence, their performance decreases and your consumers suffer. New devices and major operating system releases are made available in Ozmo’s device library on or before public launch, giving agents full access to familiarize themselves with new features and functions before calls come in.

Library coverage

Ozmo supports devices across all major manufacturers and operating systems, with a focus on smartphones and tablets. Devices in Ozmo’s library include all of the major flagship devices across an extensive range of manufacturers, as well as many lesser-known devices that drive call volume. Mobile operator branded devices can also be included in client libraries on an ad-hoc basis.

Custom applications and services coverage

In addition to hundreds of devices, Ozmo supports an extensive list of custom carrier applications and services on an ad-hoc basis. Your agents are receiving calls about these applications whether you guarantee support for them or not. App support helps give your agents the confidence they need when issues come their way.

Real-time updates

Continuous updates are pushed out across all devices in the library. That means that when Gmail or Facebook, for example, release a major update, or when the next version of Android releases, all impacted devices in Ozmo’s library receive the latest version. With Ozmo’s virtual device library, your agents will always have access to the most up-to-date, accurate answers.

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