Ozmo Self Serve

Enabling consumers to support themselves with self serve.

Consumer preferences for support are changing; nobody wants to call into the contact center if they don't have to. In fact, over 80% of all consumers attempt to take care of matters themselves before contacting a support agent1. Ozmo provides self serve tools that are personalized, adaptable and consistent across all of your digital channels to meet these shifting consumer demands.

Formatted for learning

Ozmo’s self serve tools are surfaced to consumers in a visual, guided how-to format that is optimized for learning and education. Each how-to step provides your consumers with a detailed visual of the device as well as easy-to-follow text instructions. The visual nature of Ozmo’s self serve tools dramatically increase learning and retention when compared to text-only or static articles.

The most accurate answers

Ozmo supports all devices in its library throughout the full device lifecycle. With every operating system or core application update, answers in Ozmo’s support platform are also updated. In addition, insights from the thousands of agents who use Ozmo for Agents help to shape and influence the answers provided to consumers. This means that your consumers will always receive accurate, up-to-date answers tailored to their device and their operating system.

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Multi-channel support

Ozmo’s self serve tools can be adapted across all of your digital channels, including web, mobile, chat, community forums, knowledge base articles, frequently asked questions and more. Self serve tools adapted to all of your digital channels provide consumers with consistent answers to their device support questions, no matter which channel they prefer to use.

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Extensible answers

Individual answers from Ozmo’s self serve tools can be inserted into any customer touch point. This gives you the opportunity to extend the application of the self serve tools into areas like marketing, sales, onboarding, education and more. Ozmo’s self serve tools are built to be dynamic and adaptable to give you complete flexibility. The Ozmo API provides even deeper and smarter integrations by powering endless custom interfaces.


call deflection rate

Ozmo’s self serve tools provide an
85% call deflection rate

Additional Ozmo Self Serve features


Ozmo for Agents currently supports United States English, Canadian English and Canadian French, with support for numerous additional locales on the way.


New devices in Ozmo’s library are made available on or before launch, giving you the ability to adapt these answers as education and sales tools pre-launch.


Consumers will always have access to the latest and most up-to-date answers with Ozmo’s real-time updates for devices, operating systems, applications and more.


Integration of Ozmo Self Serve is tailored to your needs. With years of experience and knowledge from research, contact center visits and more, Ozmo will guide you through every step.

Get access to personalized self serve tools that your customers need.