Ozmo for Agents

Empowering over 75,000 contact center agents

Ozmo for Agents is the ultimate agent interface for device support. It combines a freeform virtual device for unrestricted troubleshooting along with contextually relevant answers for known issues. This unique combination creates a platform like no other that your agents will use as the authoritative source for device support. The platform eliminates the need for internally developed knowledge base articles and minimizes Google searches. This ensures quick call resolution through a single source of truth.

Freeform virtual devices

The virtual device is one of the most used and loved parts of Ozmo for Agents. This virtual representation of a physical device gives your agents the ability to navigate through the device as though they were holding a physical device in hand. When agents don't have a virtual device, they are left asking the consumer what they see on their device instead of guiding the call. This decreases agent confidence, lengthens the call, and results in higher no trouble found returns.

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Contextual answers

As an agent navigates through the virtual device, contextual answers are surfaced related to the device screen. These answers, in the form of visual tutorials, provide agents with the information they need to resolve hundreds of common device questions. Ozmo indexes every feature and function enabling the mapping of known answers throughout the virtual device. This saves the agent precious time on-call by suggesting next best actions and making the most relevant answers easily accessible.

Drive consumer behavior to self serve

Ozmo for Agents provides the ability for every agent to push support answers directly to consumers' devices or email. This helps to not only solidify the help provided on-call but also to raise consumer awareness of self serve tools, deflecting future calls from coming into your contact center. By leveraging this feature, your agents turn millions of support interactions into opportunities to rewire consumer behavior to self serve.

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Better than a physical device

Agents can switch between available operating systems of any device on the fly. This gives them quick and easy access to all versions for the most accurate answers while on-call. Ozmo for Agents also allows your agents to simulate an "out of the box" experience instantly to guide consumers through initial setup of a device. No physical device library provides your agents with these tools.

Having a visual guide helps tremendously so we are able to see what the customer is seeing.
-Agent Survey
It provides easy access to answers for our customers. This prevents me from having to leave my seat to locate and charge a device to assist the customer.
-Agent Survey
Thanks for providing this tool for us. I had been going on Google looking for such a tool. When I found that we were going to be providing such a tool, I was very excited.
-Agent Survey

Additional Ozmo for Agents features


Ozmo for Agents currently supports United States English, Canadian English and Canadian French, with support for numerous additional locales on the way.


Integration of Ozmo for Agents is tailored to your needs. With years of experience and knowledge from research, contact center visits and more, Ozmo will guide you through every step.


New devices in the Ozmo library are made available on or before launch, giving your agents the ability to familiarize themselves with a new device before the phone starts ringing.


Updates are pushed out continuously to all devices in Ozmo's library. As applications and operating system updates are rolled out, answers in the platform are updated in real time.

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