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    See the new iPhone 7 in Ozmo for Agents

    At Ozmo, our device support platform assists in over 25 million support interactions each year. We help agents always be ready to support a new device - just like the new iPhone 7 - before it launches with our latest product, Ozmo for Agents.


    First look at potential call drivers for Android N

    Even though you are in the middle of managing the rollout of Marshmallow updates, Google has released the first preview of Android N. We anticipate Android N showing up earlier than in previous cycles, likely later this year for a multitude of devices. So we’re actively researching every aspect to help your support agents improve the experience with this new OS.


    One new smartphone, 10 new problems

    Do you remember the first BlackBerry circa 2004? Or when the iPhone launched a few years later? Some of you probably think back to that time with nostalgia. Back in the day, a “smart” phone’s main purpose was to make phone calls and manage email. Learning how to operate a new device was fairly straightforward.


    Stop exceeding customer expectations

    Outstanding customer service is often advertised as the magic formula for brand loyalty. “Delight your customers - every single time” is the new marketing ethos for companies across the globe. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, Sam Walton already taught us that:

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