See the new iPhone 7 in Ozmo for Agents

by Christina Sullivan on September 13, 2016

At Ozmo, our device support platform assists in over 25 million support interactions each year. We help agents always be ready to support a new device - just like the new iPhone 7 - before it launches with our latest product, Ozmo for Agents.

Ozmo for Agents is a breakthrough device support platform that combines freeform virtual devices with contextually relevant interactive tutorials. Agents using the platform have the ability to freely navigate through the screens of a virtual version of the new iPhone 7, while also seeing contextual step-by-step guides related to their position within the virtual device. These guides can even be sent direct to the consumer via email or text message to educate them.

With the enhanced features of Ozmo’s support platform, millions of on-call support interactions can now promote the rewiring of customer behavior to self-support, deflecting calls into the call center and increasing customer satisfaction.

Watch the video above to see a demo of the brand new iPhone 7 in Ozmo for Agents, and how the platform transforms both the agent and customer experience.

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Senior Marketing Manager
Christina runs marketing at Ozmo, and is passionate about copy and design. She graduated from Virginia Tech and is a lifelong Hokie. When she's not busy talking someone's ear off about Ozmo's products, she's usually hanging out with her dog, Tucker.