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Introducing Ozmo

Modea has changed a lot since we began our journey almost 10 years ago. What started out as a small advertising agency in Southwest Virginia, evolved into a thriving digital consultancy with healthcare and telecom clients all over North America. And today, we are changing it up once again with the launch of our new spin-out company. Meet Ozmo!


Solving an issue with wall-drawing robots

As most established startups today Ozmo is interested in process improvements - little tweaks to our daily activities that make us leaner, smarter, and more agile. We are also on the cutting edge of technology, which makes us look for highly technical ways to solve these small hurdle problems. It is a personal and cultural goal at Ozmo to seek out these problems, and I found one soon after beginning working here. This post sets out to explain how we solved it.


The Ozmo arcade cabinet

Like most jobs, what we do at Ozmo can oftentimes be very stressful. We have many hurdles - impossible deadlines, shifting client and consumer needs, the constantly changing landscape that is the interwebs, and more. Different people like to deal with stress in different ways, be it foosball, walks, naps or reading.


You can’t build rep competence without rep confidence

If you are running a call center operation, you are well aware of the importance of rep competence. After all, your reps are the main link to the outside world and, in many cases, the only contact point your customers have with your organization. It is not an overstatement to say that rep competence can make or break customer satisfaction, repurchase intent, and up-selling potential - in short, the longevity of your business.

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