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Over 6,400 support agents benefit from free access to Ozmo for Agents

Since March, we have successfully onboarded new enterprises to Ozmo’s platform and have expanded support to current customers. Companies can now offer support agents access to Ozmo’s extensive virtual device library free of charge. To date, the program has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from businesses and their support agents.


Ozmonauts team up with local community to fight COVID-19

Frontline workers across the country are in desperate need of personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep themselves and those they interact with safe. Makers around the world have seen COVID-19 as an opportunity to use the 3D printers in their homes to create masks, shields and other PPE to advance the supply chain forward and to protect their communities. Ozmo is doing just that, working with sister company Modea to drive an increase in the availability of PPE in Southwest Virginia.


Three ways to disinfect your phone and other tech

Despite all the benefits they provide, the connected devices we use in our everyday lives can carry all types of germs. This post shares three different methods to clean and sanitize your phone and other devices using interactive guides.


Ozmo to offer free virtual device access in response to COVID-19

As we all adapt to the current reality with the spread of COVID-19, Ozmo will support both enterprises and their customers as they face the uncertainties and complexities that result from a pandemic. To do our part, we are offering free access to our Ozmo for Agents platform that features hundreds of virtual devices now through June 15, 2020 with no strings attached.

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