Ozmo supports TELUS in its relentless focus on the customer experience.

As one of Canada’s largest network providers, TELUS supports over 8.6 million subscribers. Its commitment to putting customers first is clear through its multi-year partnership with Ozmo aimed at creating a frictionless customer experience. With the stakes this high, it’s no wonder TELUS chooses Ozmo to solve device support for its consumers.

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Initial launch

In 2014, Ozmo began its relationship with TELUS after being selected from a number of competitors during a global RFI process.

TELUS was seeking a solution to provide its agents with improved tools in the contact center to offer a premier level of customer service, while decreasing detrimental factors like no trouble found returns. With its constant customer focus, providing intuitive self-serve tools was also at the top of the list for TELUS.

Ozmo launched its initial products to TELUS in 2015: then known as emulators and simulators.

The emulators - now known as virtual devices - provided every TELUS support agent with a library of freeform representations of physical devices to increase confidence. Agent confidence grew rapidly with the introduction of this scalable support tool.

It provides easy access to answers for our customers. This prevents me from having to leave my seat to locate and charge a device to assist the customer.
TELUS support agent

With the introduction of the consumer-facing simulator - now known as interactive tutorials - TELUS experienced an almost immediate 10% reduction in calls into the contact center for device-related issues. This significant drop in contact center volume persists and is a leading factor in the cost reduction TELUS has experienced through its partnership with Ozmo.

Product Innovation

Ozmo is committed to continuous product innovation with its device support solution. Through regular contact center visits, user research and constant collaboration, Ozmo works side-by-side with TELUS to identify opportunities for innovation.

Ozmo identified that TELUS agents loved the virtual devices because of the flexibility they provided. Agents wanted even more from the product, including the ability to troubleshoot a broader range of complex issues. After an analysis of all device coverage, in 2016, Ozmo engaged in a major conversion effort to bring TELUS devices up to a new standard - “Version 2” - that essentially doubled the amount of coverage for every device. Agents were thrilled with the increased scope of support available to them in the new virtual devices.

The detail in the [virtual devices] is great. The old emulators pale in comparison. Great job!
TELUS support agent

In 2016, Ozmo launched its new products - Ozmo for Agents and Interactive Tutorials - to TELUS with incredibly positive results.


Ozmo for Agents

Leveraging the existing virtual devices that gave agents increased confidence and flexibility for troubleshooting complex device issues, Ozmo created a cohesive agent platform that greatly increased the scope of support agents can provide. TELUS saw an immediate 27% increase in agent utilization with the launch of Ozmo for Agents. Along with a redesign for a seamless user experience, Ozmo for Agents introduced a number of features that were new for TELUS agents:

Contextual Tutorials

Ozmo for Agents not only integrated all interactive tutorials for a device, giving agents access to the same step-by-step guides customers had access to, but also now surfaced them contextually. That means that as agents navigate through a virtual device, contextual tutorials display based on what screen of the virtual device they are on at that moment. This new feature gave agents the structured support tools they needed to complement the unstructured freedom of the virtual device.

Operating system dropdown

Lifecycle support is a critical differentiator of Ozmo’s products. With the redesign of the agent platform, TELUS agents can now - with two clicks - switch between available operating systems of a device, and get access to the virtual device and interactive tutorials tailored to each unique version. This seamless transition between operating systems increased agent confidence by providing the tailored, personalized support tools they need at their fingertips.

Interactive Tutorials

Ozmo’s consumer-facing self-serve product underwent a complete redesign to enhance usability and expand the extensibility of the answers provided in order to meet shifting consumer behavior. When consumers sought out support, they were searching for a consistent and accurate answer to a specific question or issue. Self-serve tools needed to provide these answers in a more frictionless experience.

The new Interactive Tutorials went through extensive user testing and were proven to be dramatically easier to use and quicker to present answers. In addition, the product was now fully mobile responsive, allowing seamless experiences for TELUS consumers across any device. The embed feature allowed individual answers to be extracted from the entire tutorial, and embedded in any digital channel. The redesign of the Interactive Tutorial product expanded its use cases for TELUS customer support tenfold.

Custom solutions

Throughout its multi-year relationship with TELUS, Ozmo has created a number of custom solutions to provide detailed support to TELUS customers.

In 2017, TELUS acquired one-third of MTS’s subscriber base. TELUS had a goal of seamlessly onboarding these 150,000 subscribers online and engaged Ozmo to provide a custom self-serve solution to solve this complex transition.

One of the primary drivers, outside of a frictionless customer experience, was to keep calls out of the contact center during this potential high call volume time. In order to do so, TELUS had to provide an all-encompassing self-serve solution for its new subscribers that was tailored to every unique device and operating system.

Ozmo worked with TELUS to create personalized answers across 22 devices subscribers were transferring to its network. These answers powered a six-step onboarding process for the subscribers to create an account and activate their device on the TELUS network. Ozmo’s answers covered critical topics like unlocking devices, activating an unlocked a device, changing APN settings and inserting and removing their new SIM card.

Thanks to Ozmo’s custom solution, TELUS was able to create an entirely self-serve method of onboarding over 150,000 new subscribers to its network that eliminated the need for costly calls into its contact centers.

Looking to the future

With a commitment to constant innovation, Ozmo will continue to work closely with TELUS with the goal of providing an ever-increasing answer set, highly customized answers and an optimal experience for agents and customers alike. That means launching additional features to agents like send-a-tutorial that leverage the contact center to rewire consumer behavior to self-serve in future support moments. It means a continued effort to optimize the integration of Ozmo’s consumer self-serve tools to extend the possible use cases further to places like the TELUS mobile application. Ozmo’s commitment to continuous product innovation also means launching new features and products to TELUS to take steps toward an increasingly-frictionless customer experience and to leverage every support interaction as a learning moment.

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