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About Us

Welcome to the Ozmo beta site.  We invite you to look around and take Ozmo for a spin. Ozmo is brand new and we’ve still got some work to do, but we think you’ll like what you see and we definitely want to know what you think.

Meet Ozmo.

Ozmo is a web-based service for licensing independent, or user-generated, content for commercial use. Ozmo makes it easy for photographers, artists, bloggers, researchers and others to license their work to content buyers such as marketing firms and advertising agencies, who are increasingly incorporating user-generated content into their work.

Ozmo was created by Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), a not-for-profit company founded in 1978 and dedicated to making it easy to use and share published content. We are the leading licensing and solutions provider for the information content industry and we work with organizations around the world to develop, improve and share rights and rights licensing systems. Visit www.copyright.com to learn more about CCC.

Why Ozmo?

The online world is filled with user-generated content. There are 2 billion photos on Flickr and more than 100,000 videos are added to YouTube every day. Social media, podcasting, blogging, citizen journalism and mash-ups abound, driven by millions of artists, photographers, writers, producers and other creators. While open content sharing sites provide a wonderful forum to bring content users and creators together, they don’t offer a viable solution to license user-generated content for commercial purposes. Content creators may not always want to charge for the use of use of their work, but when they do, they need a reliable way to do so. CCC is an adopter of Creative Commons' CC+ protocol, which was designed to bridge the gap between commercial and non-commercial licensing, and Ozmo was designed to work side by side with it. Content creators can apply the Creative Commons link to indicate how their work is to be used for non-commercial purposes and they can apply Ozmo link for commercial uses.

Partner with Us.

CCC is partnering with leading blog and content sharing platforms to incorporate Ozmo into their workflow so members can apply the Ozmo link directly to their content when it’s published. To learn more about partnering with us, please contact a business development representative

Create. Own. Inspire. It’s easy with Ozmo.

Don’t wait. Get started with Ozmo now; learn more about how it works or jump right in and create your Ozmo profile; participate in our Forum.

About the Icons and Graphical Elements Used in Ozmo

Ozmo uses icons from the Silk Icon set from famfamfam.com, the website of Mark James, a web developer and student in Birmingham, UK. He has kindly licensed several beautiful and useful icon sets under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License